When going shopping for a handbag, several factors usually affect the decision a buyer makes. Without doubt, the main aim of shopping is to get ultra satisfaction with both the service and products. It’s important to make sure several basic aspects before going down into negotiation. One main concern is about the size of the handbag. As a matter of fact, lots of shoppers usually neglect this factor, and I’ve ever seen a short woman in deep regret with her super large size tote bag arriving at her door. The bag was quite large when compared with her slim, short body shape, and it seemed ridiculous when she carried it on the shoulder. For a woman to maintain the balance in fashion, it is important to choose the right size of handbag according to her body shape.

An important rule to get a perfect handbag is to get one that is proportionate to one’s body shape. Following blindly towards fashion trends sometimes can lead to poor balance in fashion chaos. It is essential to choose a right size handbag according to one’s body shape as it will elevate fashion in many ways regardless one’s peculiar fashion taste.

Long Waist Women

For women with long waist, it is better to wear handbags at hip length so as to gain a good balance.

Short Waist Women

Wearing handbags below the hip is a smart way for short-waist women to balance the upper body figure.

Full-figured Women

For full-figured women, handbags that finish below the hips or under the shoulder would compliment well with their figures.

Full-shaped/Pear-shaped Women

Handbags that finish under the arm or at the waist can contribute to the look of full-shaped or pear-shaped women.

Women with Large Shoulders/Breasts

For women with large shoulders or breasts, top handle handbags are good fashion accessories to balance their figures. It is better not to choose satchels or shoulder bags of other styles as these bags would make them appear larger.

Your body shape plays a big role in choosing an appropriate sized handbag, and many people have neglected this factor when going shopping. They might take style, price, materials, function, etc. into consideration without being aware that body shape is also a vital factor. Before going shopping, identify your body shape. Employ the tips on the next shopping spree, and you will choose your ideal designer handbags that can match well with your body shape.

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