YangQing emperor locked in demon, you lost the LuoHaiYu of Yang’s family fancies, four years time, or to continue for the family of shortage of the sea transport we uniting the material, which has been formed the Yang family to you rely on many people, are very the uncomfortable.”

YangZhuo helpless sighed, “we have no choice.”

“I know.” Lisa smiled, “if we never received the convenient fall or so many years. But the family practitioners, uniting the material, once lack by your family. We would have used for this, you suddenly no longer give us the convenient, a  lot of people on the practice of the shortage of materials, not natural has complaining. At this time, the sea FuHao jump out, take xi ? ng turnip guarantee can replace your family for our family, the sea provides the material, you said we practice will not mind?”

“The sea, FuHao?”

YangZhuo LengRan a smile, snorted, despise way: “with both of them?”

“They natural can’t.” Lisa continue to explain, “but they made contact CaoGuHe WuHun house ah.”

YangZhuo finally changed face s & # 232; , “how possibility?”

“Nothing is impossible.” Lisa eyebrow, smiles to say: “you family over the years, the city through the waste, making big money, you said cao home, WuHun house won’t be jealous? You can do now, Yang’s family home, WuHun cao house can be done, the sea,  FuHao find the two forces, the case, they can not mind?”

Shizi frown, sighs: “I see.”

YangZhuo also helpless nod, “true if that’s the case, I want to CaoGuHe WuHun house flatly can’t refuse to, on the contrary, secretly support.”

“The fact is so.” Lisa smiled, “CaoGuHe WuHun house at this time ZiGuBuXia, although not sent master to drought, but heard that the side of the city, also represent enough interest. The sea and FuHao and ensure that must be persuaded us to the sea, all the family of favorable circumstances, it then finalized down.”

The Yang family, though not willing to accept the heart, can listen to lisa here, also all know should be that.

“No wonder FuHao, deferred wind and other people who would dare to so unbridled, hum, it is a home, WuHun house in cao behind backing.” YangZhuo to grind teeth, sneer at a way: “now endless sea so h & # 250; nlu & # 224; n, the cao home, WuHun house unexpectedly and heart will stretch and waste, and to the city to ambitious.”

“Everyone is ambitious.” Lisa nodded his head, “the real situation, is what it is. But we four heads read to our family, the family of the help, all agree to keep you the seeds of Yang’s family not destroy, I and silver fai, bao Ke will come, also is staring at the sea, to prevent their four people do too far.”

“If this is true, I blamed you.” Shizi frowned, “care if I am in your place, will do the same. For the future of the race, abandoning a look won’t useful ally, is human, you can read the grace of the year, let us family a chance to live, and as a friendship.”

“We don’t like your human.” Lisa ShiXiao way.

YangZhuo etc face s & # 232; Some embarrassment.

“I told the truth, you also don’t be angry.” Lisa smile, “you Yang’s family for sea, in endless also did a lot of things, but for your family has been binding the fourth demon, I want to endless sea practitioners, also won’t have so many years of peace day. Can you see a YangGuXian l & # 249; out like, you endless sea with all parties, but have not thinking about power to help you, but first wanted to come to the LuoHaiYu will give points for food, those who treat you of Yang’s family, don’t have a way of living, and even want to destroy your whole family, is whether such family?”

Et, such as YangZhuo face s & # 232; More ugly.

“We also have the family of the sea although s ? self-interest, although as his ghd hair straightener consideration, but still be time to talk.” Lisa ao however a smile, “I just said, we the sea, in this respect people than you humans do better. At this point, no matter the sea, and the family of hades

Silver fai a walk, the family were the water Ke bao bao nv, two brothers, there would be no continue to stay, informed a sound albitite, also were left.