You rushed down the evil! “Leave big empty, oneself stumbled will go ashore into the village, went all the way to TianGu courtyard to.

TianGu courtyards have the dog bite, the door but had closed does not open, HanWenJu knocked at the door for a while, while there is no promise, partition door to look, a figure from the prototype out into, it is an accident signs, double leg hair flaccid paralysis there a long time, can not silence a. In the middle of the back, the ship has already left ray big empty. In any case he can not sleep, dawn, vaguely heard water ring, hazy saw ferry of the river someone get ship, then a few people carry what in the ship. He ask: “who is this ah, sailed so early?” And no scoop out, the ship will berth berth berth left, only to see the shore stood a man, extremely fat appearance, such as TianZhongZheng woman. Heart say: tanaka is to see his foot to the white stone village, people ignore him, is not willing to see him again, also do not let let the cat out of the bag.

Three days passed, and five days past, xianyou sichuan as all. Water and good fortune to HanWenJu said: “it’s all right, he made unpresentable things, he dare to disclose?” HanWenJu or worried.

On the eighth day, good fortune and big empty brace exhaust to the white stone village, village south of the ferry, and many were the ships on dark berth. The ship from schizonepeta purple close touch paper brought to the warehouse, the waterman almost went to the walled city stroll about, seven old man is side raised water use brush to wash boat, side and flank a boat people laughing: “east – ah, you are not to do it, you will not according to the can! You’re not never seen a woman, married seven years, and the two dolls have, tomorrow will go home, you still can’t resistance? You women want you out of a ship, back to doll pull a few body cloth, you see you, ten dollars didn’t, even a hair haven’t see!”

Call the east – is two bifurcation town, sallow and emaciated, only a gas at the mouth, said: “I will not beat the the owner not! He niang of in order to earn more money, so humiliate person!”

Seven old man said: “if ray big empty, homeowners he dare? You and thin and small, the somebody else see is not a veteran, bully you, you and beat the somebody else?”

The big empty asked: “who bully east have overcome?”

The old man’s face, seven hysterics, saying that the east – to see someone brought the woman to the walled city Simon used a to play, he also seduce a, draw out the five yuan. To the, room main house prices is five yuan, east – just and the woman went in five minutes, just take off pants, homeowners at the door shout: run! The public security bureau to! Frighten east – and the woman from the rear window jump out of escaped. Later find out, never to public security bureau, is the owner make ghosts, deliberately play a trick, so we can speed up the number of money. East – gas have to go looking for the owner, the owner say: that you brought the woman again! The woman had run, east – where to find? Back in the ship love his ten yuan! The big empty listened to, the in the mind again funny and annoying, scold a east – won’t spend money won’t BaiZhi woman, “live what person?!” Let brought him to the owner for money.

Seven old man stopped and said, “it is not into, also didn’t exasperating, the passing woman what taste. You see somebody else’s stone bumps, hand in hand in a phase is good, come to home, the shop is felt the lid of the cotton, do not spend money also tube eat tube to drink, that boy is capable of!”

East – said: “he is not money raises the widow!”

Seven old man said: “but the widow them home really! I several ship to here, widow still ask: ‘why knot didn’t come, bumps to find a wife?” ”

Good fortune asked: “what bumps, is the town?”

Seven old man said: “put bay, he lasted just mattress, is right face have a piece of green remember.”

He straightened up waist, shouted at the shore that a pillars of small house shout: “stone pimples! Black surface beast! You haven’t a enough? Now river transport can have the ac to excise, also don’t hurry down!”

If the little room in the window out of a head, looks rough, right face good big a piece of green tangerine peel. Replied: ” buy mbt shoes online worldwide delivery;seven uncle, I will come down, a good cup of tea to bubble up, I had just come!” While down, a bloated eyelid.

Seven old man said: “black surface beast, you really will, be afraid of sleep well GuoShang, also let me cry you! You don’t think that top soft, it’s better than shafted bar fatigue person miles, but don’t you think.”

Black face the beast, saying: “to go on, she cry, you let me to do?”

Another ship’s east – have to envy, said: “stone bumps you so a features, but can have a widow is crying for you, how are you YanFu!”

Stone bumps also proud, said: “she really for me, and let me to marry her, I was whether! You drank tea? There are yunnan TuoCha, cook good refreshing, I let her throw a piece of down!” He swings the exhaust to the cabin near, a loud whistle, window really grovel a woman, 30 s, and their faces very clean. The big empty also amazing such a handsome widow pour heart can in black face upon the beast. The widow and stone bumps to talk, threw down a piece of paper wrapping of TuoCha, and that in the end he said: “bumps, get dressed, don’t the cool, you don’t know the wind to seepage into your bones?”

TuoCha in a pot boil, a lot of the people on board are set to come. All these people from the walled city finished shopping, a trip to ship to earn money, and almost all the costs. They talk about most, it is the price of goods village town. “X his mother, what are the price hike, is laozi’s is not long! Status is not long! Let’s river transport team to say money is really make money, get the za hand and a few into? Field a” concession warehouse, how and many a few buyers, but also so many girl? CaiDaAn do credit, and captain, a national cadre have to double the money, kui he one day turn one’s head, and feed a Wolf dog! I when the dog to large strangled, let’s eat dog meat!”

Seven old man said: “there is a river transport team or a river transport team than no good, I will just punting punting. Shall I breath is za out of the force, good MingEr all let TianZhongZheng they leadership take up! Listen to walled city people speak, theory XianShang tough at the township, number TianZhongZheng, said he is the organization farmers get rich typical, afraid to upgrade a mention! × his mother, who ask who drop and I have no matter, but the more potential gong house back hurt.”

A say: “TianGu officials are seven product the following, gong’s forces in the state city, heard that white stone village work in the states but less than the front row.

East – said: “you tube ball the somebody else! Good luck, you recently saw a golden dog? And he can let the top leadership attention to help poor, but he know pour to make TianZhongZheng became a poverty alleviation rich hero?”

Good fortune said: “you know not to know, why didn’t XianShang open into fake? You looked at it, what goes around comes around, one good turn deserves another, he TianZhongZheng nor too insolent!” He thought of TianZhongZheng regulation, suddenly filled with a kind of heroism, could not help but want to say that one night after.

The big empty foot good fortune legs kicked it, good fortune is changed mouth: “golden dog could have when river transport team captain, can you all the requirements, does he go now, made a reporter, is not concrete pipe to river transport team. TianZhongZheng let me and big empty also to river transport team, if like this, we don’t go to, want to go to, as I said let a big sky captain! The big empty, you do in the future, will promote the za this miscellaneous name!”

The big empty only smiled and said nothing.

Seven old man said: “the big empty you like this, like in the future? Do you really want to view also ball not top , you haven’t root not base, talk just straight, than gold dog still owe a few into fire, you are not the redesignation of the material!”

The big empty said: “if I really redesignation of?”

Seven old man said: “like you, the person, sing a painted face can also, the bride? These tell you a piece of shafted, not only with the blessing, but woe to gather, do you believe? Post blame very, what good people go up to do is change !”

The big empty ha ha DaLe, way: “good ah seven”, that I really do, first will kill you!” Suddenly even made some sneeze, want to, I here mixed say what, the somebody else around the walled city, this buying things for shopping. For good fortune and said: “I can’t afford to accompany seven” spare time, I into the walled city go!”

Two people jump out of the boat ashore, ray big empty in the store bought a jin salt, 1 catty vinegar, 5 jins of liner, ready to the row of eating and drinking, pass by south main street theater, is sell qinqiang zhao the orphan , tickets, good fortune to see, the big empty said: “you should see you to see, I’m not rare XiWen miles! I’m waiting for you on the line, the play was over, I will come back tomorrow day dawn sacking of ah!” From the extraction and look pleased with oneself and went to.

Good fortune read tendencies, back to row , but not the thunder big empty. Ask next to the people on board, seven old han gang had already went to the warehouse from the body, leaving keep cargo said, just to a few public security bureau, suddenly surrounded the ferry. The big empty is drinking, at that time saw lead the public security bureau of the field a “and CaiDaAn, but also for the glass shouted:” and what catch bad ? To drink a cup!” Field a “and CaiDaAn they got into the boats and a cup drink, all of a sudden I hold him, public security bureau will take KaoZi cuff his hands. The big empty hard struggle, question: “why are you handcuffed me?” The public security bureau will say: “you destroy reform, beaten damage to reform the leading cadre!” The big empty and cried: “I that was self-defense, he TianZhongZheng to……” Words did not say that finish, field a “is a boxing will he play halo, drag ashore takes a bite out of.