High-speed railway, water conservancy and hydropower, expanding urbanization, metallurgy, mining and other industries continued develop with the development of the country, and market expansion also makes the mechanical industry, especially the development of the mining machinery industry in full swing.

Mineral resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of Twelfth Five-Year Plan finally is formally issued in a few days ago by the Ministry of Land and Resources ,in the new plan it puts emphasis on strengthen the savings, efficient, and comprehensive utilization during the second five domestic mineral resources (metal ores, non-metallic minerals other the implementation of the mining resources). This work is mainly around the nationwide comprehensive survey of the savings, efficient use of the status quo of various mining production base, to resolve potential trouble for the future development of the mining industry. The broken machinery industry experts said that the new plan will contribute part of the mining machinery to high-tech, large-scale, energy-efficient direction, green, energy-saving and efficient will be the direction of future development of mining machinery and equipment industry.

During the second five year period, our country will provide tremendous help policy for machinery industry, I hope to be able to reduce the gap between developed countries; Then there is the R & D and production of energy-efficient products, and taking the road of sustainable development is not simply just a slogan, you need to become realistic course of action, with the dwindling resources of mine, Walking the development of energy-efficient model will be one of the trends of the future.

Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. produces cone crusher, mobile crusher, sand making machine and other series of mining equipment will be in accordance with the standards of the industry to go to the road of green, energy-saving, efficient development.

For mining machinery and engineering machinery industry, the past decade is a prime time, with the continuous rapid development of the national economy, the development of all walks of life are also springing up. Mining machinery industry is an important part of the national economy. But the development of the mining machinery industry also highlights the lack of industry with unlimited potential; first it has certain gap in the technology with foreign country.

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