(A) The checking before the starting-up of the concentrator
1.Making sure the overload signal device is in the normal position;
2.The parts need lubricants have efficient lubricant;
3.Ensuring that the screws and the keys are tightened and the security guards are secure and reliable.
4. Checking to find out whether the debris has fallen in the bottom of the high efficiency concentrator or not and whether the discharge opening is blocked or not;
5. Linkage is intact and the valve is flexible;
6. Rake stand is not buried by the ores and the lifting device is flexible.
7. making sure that the electrical parts are sensitive and reliable.
(B) The operation sequence and matters needing attention.
1. If there were problems, the first step is to solve the problem timely.
2. After making sure that there is nothing wrong, the operator can start the machine, the sequence is as following:
(1) After the contact with the upper and lower positions, pressing the motor start button and observing the position of the overload signal device.
(2) After the normal start, falling the rake slowly on the specified location.
(3) Feeding.
3. The start is not allowed when the rake is buried on the ores.
4. After the start, hand touch on the rotating part and move freely guards is not allowed.
5. That wet hands to manipulate electrical facilities is strictly prohibited.
(C) The operation of stopping the machine and the matters need attention
1. The operation sequence is as follows:
(1) Stopping the feeding.
(2) Continuing to discharge the ores until the concentration of the concentrated product is less than 25% and then stopping the concentrator.
(3) Lifting the rake stand.
2. If there is a need to stop the machine because of the accident, lifting the rake stand quickly.
3. Generally, it is not allowed to stop the machine when the high efficiency concentrator is in operation.