It would take you twenty years to supplement your $180 a month electric bill with your entire roof and/or backyard covered with PRICEY solar panels according to:’s calculator! That’s not even the worst part, by the time they pay for themselves after that MASSIVE investment, solar dealers will have most likely started selling cheaper, more efficient photo-voltaic panels that you probably would’ve saved more of your hard earned money if you had just kept paying that stupid electric bill.

Now let me dwelve into more detail about the potential improvements with photovoltaics (i.e. PV/solar cells) over the next 30 years. Your average solar cell has a single junction functionality that takes energy from natural light (in this case the visible spectrum of light) via one color line out of many. Modern research into more efficient PVs consists of drawing more spectral energy from the sun but unfortunately is too expensive to manufacture and mass produce to market. Of course however, hearing and reading about the rapid advancements in science and technology isn’t anything new and doesn’t take a Rocket-Scientist to tell us that probably soon one of these days solar power will become much more reasonable as far as price and efficiency is concerned. I for one, whole heartedly believe that in the next few decades or so that solar cells will absorb energy up to every visible color spectrum of light from our sun and that possibly a home will only need a single panel verses an entire roof covered with panels for all its energy needs and is why I am in no hurry to buy in the near future.

Of course me saying that it would take two decades for solar panels to pay for themselves isn’t the case for every situation. If your monthly bill is normally lower, then obviously your situation wouldn’t be as bad as my family’s and would take you less time to make that investment back and vise-versa. It also depends on your location. If you live in a part of the world with more sunlight and more government incentives, then they would pay for themselves even quicker. Another thing to factor in is the amount of dust you’re surrounded with. If you fail to wipe all of your solar panels every so often, then you will definitely miss out on your panels paying themselves off faster. The truth is that solar panels as a form of clean free energy is a joke, even if they were cleaned regularly and with the government incentives it just shouldn’t be the preferred method for green alternative energy.

Believe it or not there are other devices out there that generate free power. For example: there’s the magnet motor generator, perpetual energy generator and even good old Nikola Tesla (considered by many to be the TRUE father of electricity) invented a device for generating unlimited amounts of energy from anywhere in the universe, plus many more methods for generating 100% clean, free alternative energy. But of course, ‘Big Energy Companies’ pay big money to keep the average person in the dark because these new and mostly secret technologies would financially cripple them which is why most don’t know any better.

Now I do have some good news and you don’t have to subscribe to anything or pull out any plastic. I’m going to give you some more FREE information plus 3 extras to download at no price to you because I’m just that generous and I simply just want to educate as many as possible. What you’ve just read is a small preview of a zipped file packed full of some things that I know you’ve never heard of including info on a very affordable device that’s already on the market that’s guaranteed to lower your energy bill greatly along with inventions that’s been kept quiet over the years and new and emerging science. I guarantee you won’t be sorry, especially with it not costing you a penny.

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