ZhuLi inserted in the water like a soft has shaken… She had a surprised, immediately understand what it is, deliberately coughed. The white one black shadow suddenly separate, and soon approach together have no, heard in the doorway in the woods after bursts smile bursts. I do not know how, think of water for a long time ago in the state of the thing on the beach. She immediately hand stone was hit out, stone in the walled city wall fragmentation, detonation rang. Into the walled city openings, the street lamp sparse, in order to save electricity, night street lamp is every three four to light a lamp, a lamp, the streets have a layer of light blue mist, such as smoke from kitchen chimneys diffuse, everything is immersed in the misty in, and the street lamps trees, in the scope of a circle, the leaves are so green, so fresh, light is so clear, so bright. Low water walk, chest is held up, suppress have suffered, small hongpeng also in charge of the somebody else there, she has not many days to look after, this milk is filled with pain, hence stand under a tree, turned back and milk will squeeze flow in a tree.

Dawn, urine returned to the ship, she told uncle and gold dog dad: wine shop FanBo promised to house of detention, his cousin has promoted to be the director of the guard, and for the prisoner cooking, send rice, there is also a is his cousin boy of village. Three people in a hurry in the town on eating places to eat something, arrive to the east gate of the house of fan tavern.

FanBo early in the morning went to the house of detention, the person has not come back, three people sat waiting for, urine and to buy a lot of things to come. Half a morning, FanBo came back, come and the guard director and send rice, introduced, HanWenJu said many feel deeply grateful to the word, and tell the golden dog grievance.

Guard director said: “I cousin to everything I said, gold dog I used to know, he is too young to accelerate, the place is not the place to accelerate!”

Water is to ask gold dog’s injury, please watch director can inside care care. Guard director said: “it seems, gold dogs are against it… you also do not want too sad, I will think of a way to take care of him, can let him in prison, not affected by with the prisoner to play.”

HanWenJu said: “the prisoner also play the prisoner?”

Director said: “there what people have, the new in, all want to beat, your dozen get down, the rice is for others to eat, sleep and don’t give you spread place.”

Gold dog dad said: “this golden dog mouth is hard, his hands good ah, it is to be somebody else dozen!”

Director said: “I don’t how also to send rice call came, he will give him a meal, I will also go to with the prisoner speak: who dare to hit gold dog, who be careful! Who will dare to eat gold dog food, punish who one day didn’t eat for rice! This you stop worrying. As for gold dogs are really guilty or being wronged, I can’t tube!”

Urine, gold dog dad and HanWenJu and incessantly sound ground to say: “so we are grateful to you!” Take out four bottles of good wine, two bottles of to director, two bottles of to give bread, said: “this small gift MBT Kisumu X Liger Sale, a list of our mind!” ;

Director said: “this how can I accept? You and my cousin is ShiJiao, I only then like this, if others, you send me thousand son eight hundred, I can’t promise it. Say to want to drink, I class open wine shop, I every two or three days to come here to drink!”

FanBo also said: “calculate, I class is not a stranger, she forgave it.”

Water is said: “director, can let me to see gold dog?”

Director said: “it can’t , this case not over yet, nobody can see what happened, I can’t guarantee!” Low water have to forget about it, again will a few big cake and cigarettes let director bring gold dog, director also rejected.

Three people from the wine shop is back, talking of you all the way director and the benefits of the cook, HanWenJu said: “the world still have good man! Words come back, what good work acquaintances. People often say: a rotten leashes can plug a hole in the wall, who can think of wine shop open the old man fan but give me help! Alas, gold dog young, the world of the less ah, he when a reporter when things too seriously, the frustration is not to eat in the too serious!!!”

Water said: “uncle said, is said gold before the dog do wrong? Name field so the whole him, in his early years, he is not saved TianZhongZheng life?”

HanWenJu said: “oh, this the world, this the world makes people more and more confused! For a while, hero, in a short while, bad men, blush a white face a, what’s this all about?!”

So for a few days, three people saw the gold not dog, big empty , and the gold dogs, large empty case powerless. HanWenJu has continued to drink, drank wine is complaining, golden dog dad is daily eat a bowl of two bowls of rice, sat down and began crying. This day, HanWenJu and complain, that everything is destiny, this is the emperor is how, or by the end of the throne room, should not be the emperor’s throne room with the score is also sit not a, they nag help up the station troops state river, how to get to Beijing, and how to defeat died. Water is the fire, the uncle said: “uncle how did you? To what time, you say this frustrated words are let everyone regardless of gold dogs, large empty?!”

HanWenJu consciously a slip of the tongue, he said: “how can I ignore, how a tube method?”

Dwarf limner busy advised urine don’t get angry, saying you heart is same, but around up against the wall, and the gas will nest to be agitated. And to HanWenJu said: “he HanBo, I see you still go back for good, you at the ferry punting on, always can’t long time leave! I and low water here.” Say and tears, and choked with sobs.

Water say: “you cry what ah, now it is cry? So, you are back, I a person stay here, once you have something I will give you send word to.”

Dwarf limner feel sorry, his son with an accident and drag to water day and night upset, but water firmly, also it like a man have definite view, their anxiety in here, and don’t be effective, except burden, he said: “urine, our family owe you too much!… you stay walled city, everywhere can be careful. My body has eighty yuan, will give you stay.”

Low water refused to accept, limner will quietly stuck in one of her DiDou, boating and HanWenJu crying back to sichuan xianyou.

Leave water, she borrowed in care of the child in the family, every day about a golden dogs and big empty message. One day to watch director, closed the doors water said, gold dogs and big empty case grasp and close up, daily trial a few times, big empty temper, always shout abuse, trial people will he bound on the post, to another room to play poker, he is still in scold, scold several surrounding houses are heard, trial he went in, and will be a piece of rag plug into his mouth, straight regulation all night. Gold dog although didn’t scold, but he refused to admit of guilty, and Daniel protest, trial they say he attitude stubborn, a kick on his fork into place, that a kick badly, he then just fainted, 7 or 8 hours to wake up. Listen to the water, night unable to sleep. The next day, she deceive the FanBo, wore a shallow flower son unlined upper garment, wearing a straw hat, pretending to be house of detention long nephew daughter to the house of detention for director, saying that her mother was ill, want to uncle went to the hospital to contact matters in hospital. At the door of the house of detention guard seriously after questioning, and brought her into the three way duty door, in the backyard pool see the director. Director first doubt, be fond of her, a surprise, but immediately called her, ask her mother state of illness, and brought to a walk, he whispered training way: “hello a dead bravery son, how this place can come in?” Water said: ” ;I beg you, you let me see gold dogs and big empty!” Director said: “you do nonsense, waiting for you and I are crime? You get out!” Director took the urine will go outside, just at this moment two gunmen and a prisoner from a song to backyard. Water has not, a see it is gold dog, cannot help “ah” a sound. Gunmen and gold dogs are also twist overdo to lies, and scared to face all white, immediately said: “don’t be afraid. That’s the prisoner to trial to . You come to the hospital to look after you niang, he said uncle to come at once!” Urine is calm, she said with a loud voice: “uncle, you need to busy, you don’t want to, I niang disease again heavy, I have a mile, I’m trying to give my niang please their doctor. I came to see you once, speak to you, you don’t be too sad, people sick can also not good? Can always hit a good doctor!” There’s gold dogs all hear in the ear, but immediately go back, across the yard, to the front of a row house. Low water again next to see, the director has brought her out of the three way duty door, in the presence of the man said: “people eat the grain who does not get sick, you niang the disease can cure good. The hospital beds tight, later I was looking for a President to go!” Water will send out the front door, the head not looking back into the gate is missing.

Water finally saw a few eye gold dogs, but said see the heart will take it easy, but seen later, more and more uncomfortable, she can’t imagine that the room life how, how trial, trial people will hit him, rice eat satisfied not full, the room can’t smoke, his addiction hair how resistance to it? So more think more terrible, a heart hanging in the throat eye, on the third day, the fourth day after and went to a few times. But water never lie in looking for director, she pretended to be idle people, standing on top of the brick wall took power grid, wishful thinking. Then in the evening not person loudly sing state river voyage of the song, first sings: