The requirements of the mill on the market today is very high, it needs to reach different fineness, which has been the problem of many manufacturers in a variety of circumstances, Hongxing ultrafine mill played an extremely important role in this regard; after a number of test, its fineness can reach about 90 mesh -2500 mesh and various manufacturers according to their needs to adjust the fineness.

In these years, the country has been in promoting the development of high-tech and high-tech has been a measure of a country’s scientific and technological level of development;Henan Hongxing Heavy machinery Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment with many years of research and development experience; in recent years, starting from the basis of the foundation, it researches the internal structure over the years and has made a lot of technology patents.

Ultrafine mill not only has good production capacity, but also has simple maintenance and operation, you can set up a unified operating room and does not require too much manpower to operate it; in maintenance: the machine should be checked once a week or so, good lubrication is enough, it does not require to fully split the entire machine, solving the complex process of the overhaul.

After years of innovation, Hongxing Heavy machinery Co., Ltd. self-developed the following products: mobile impact crusher and sand maker, ultrafine mill, which has already been market-oriented. Ultrafine mill in terms of quality after inspection of the factory, fully qualified; in technology aspect, high-tech patents is issued by the national high-tech sector; in environmental aspects, after the examination of all aspects, environmental pollution, and noise pollution are small, will not impact on the surrounding residents.

As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as hammer crusher, jaw crushers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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