“Diamond forever, a forever retained”. The May Day holiday week is coming, the senior  wholesale jewelry division share with you choose and buy and maintain the secret of diamond.

The so-called “4 c”, namely carat number, clarity, colour and lustre and Turner. Generally speaking, the greater the number of diamond carat the higher its value. Of course, in addition to carat number, consider diamond clarity, colour and lustre and the quality of the lathe. Clarity is refers to the diamond inclusion how many, inclusion are some hidden in diamond without crystallization subtle carbon material, diamond within the inclusion less value more precious. As for colour and lustre, if not color diamond, diamond color as close to the white, the better, the top for excellent white. Turner excellent diamond, can accept the light from the crown of the diamond, reflection to each face, finally from crown refraction out, the reflection of the light, the more the can show bright diamonds.

Fire color from good cut

Choose diamond, must be the one you like, including ring shape, refers to the size of the ring, ring theme moral and ring integral feeling whether with own hand type collocation, etc. The second is diamond cutters, good cut more can reflect diamond brilliance. A simple way is to put a ring on the hands, gently shaking, the look in the ring is above, good cut can make diamond reflected light of 7 colour (called the fire color). Before wearing a diamond by hand try diamond is loose. Don’t put diamond piled up together, diamond and periodic cleaning surface.

Cleaning method is: first the diamond jewelry in the container with a mild detergent and soap water in the saucer about 30 minutes, and then with a small soft brush gently wash, reoccupy water flushing, and finally use dry cloth to wipe dry; The simplest method is to wash your hands with soap and duly when scrub. In addition, it is suggested that every six months will be sent to the jewelry store diamond jewelry for professional cleaning.