The common used flotation machines include the mechanical flotation machine, the inflatable flotation machine and the flotation column. Now Hongxing experts will introduce them for you.
1. The mechanical flotation machine. The characteristic of this flotation machine is that the air inflation and stirring of the pulp are achieved through the mechanical stirrer. It belongs to the air self-priming flotation machines. At present, the most widely used flotation machine is the XJK type mechanical flotation machine. In the production scene, this type flotation machine is usually called the A-type flotation machine.
Except for the function of self-priming air, this flotation machine also has the function of self-priming slurry, so in the flotation process, the return of its intermediate product doesn’t need the sand pump. Therefore, this flotation machine shows a clear superiority and flexibility in the configuration and keeps a dominant position in the various types of flotation machine.
(2) The inflatable flotation machine. The main difference between the mechanical flotation machine and the inflatable flotation machine is that the inflatable flotation machine belongs to the external gas supply machine. Its stirrer only has the function of stirring, and the air is forced to be fed depending on the special external fan. Therefore, for this type of flotation machine, its management is inconvenient, only be used for the rough concentration and scavenging.
3. The flotation column. The flotation column belongs to the inflatable flotation machine. For this kind of flotation machine, it has the structural characteristic that this type of flotation machine has no mechanical stirrer and transmission device, the pulp feeding rely on the pressure of external air compressor.
The practice has proved that the flotation machine has obvious advantages of simple structure and process, low power consumption, less wear parts, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and so on. However, it also has disadvantage in some aspects, and Hongxing experts will do their best to improve the performance of flotation machine.
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