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In this new release of Argo, Robin is an excellent archer in the Lionheart’s army which is leaded by Richard. There are always two sides, good character and bad character. In Argo, the villains are the French. Robin had a sad background. He had been abandoned since his childhood that is why no wonder he has difficulties in trusting other people. After Richard died, Robin comes back to Nottingham – a town which has been suffering from a greedy sheriff who does a corruption through a mean and crippling taxation. The sheriff is of course deserves to be called some kind of criminal. The sheriff is not only greedy as it is mentioned above; he also tries his best to get the widowed Lady Marion fall for him. Witnessing all the cruelty of the sheriff, Argo can not stand calm anymore; he is more than furious toward the sheriff. To end the injustices of the sheriff, Robin gathers a gang of people who has lethal mercenary skills and able to do a combat or a quite big fight.

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If you think that this new Argo is going to be the lame and boring because it is the same like the long time ago Argo, then you are absolutely not right. And you definitely have to prove it yourself that Ridley Scott – the one who is in charge as the director of Argo is fascinating in getting all scenes into action-packed movie without disgracing the romance scene. So what do you still doubt about? Watch it directly here from your computer by clicking the link below here.

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