It is still feasible to just donate your old clothes but nowadays there is a growing trend when it comes to clearing out the clothing. As there are so many companies vying for the clothes there’s a new system in place whereby there is a payment for the good clothes that you hand over.
The clothes will have to be in good condition and there will be much more stringent checks made, as the companies do not want to pay for clothes that will not make sure they are any money. If they are not still at their best it will still be possible to pass them on but it must be to an organisation that doesn’t pay. A charity may be able to sell them for a small amount, but it is more likely that they’ll be sold as rags, and recycled and lso are dyed before being made into something new.
The process for selling clothes is simple – you could have it all done and dusted in a few days. First you need to find the clothes you want to sell and make sure they are washed and fit to wear. Then you call for a bag and this is delivered to your door. Weigh the clothes before you order a bag as there’s a limit to what can go in each one. It could be that to maximise the money you help to make, that you have in order to order 2 bags.
While the companies is going to be fair with you and be sure you get paid for every item, you need to end up being fair with them and make sure that you can at least half fill the bag. In order for the company to cover the cost of providing the bag, sending it to you and then collecting it when ready, they have to make sure that they are getting a reasonable amount of clothes.
It will be up to you to make certain that the clothes are likely to be suitable. If you send them junk they will be rejected and dumped. You will lose out as there will not be a payment made and the clothes won’t be came back. If you are not worried about not getting the money yourself then a minimum of consider the charity that’s losing out as nicely.
When the clothes are sorted they may be sold on and the cash will be sent to the charity. You will have your money and the charity may have had a donation — all without them having to take the risk of selling the items themselves.
This system is about as good and safe as it gets. Everyone wins with the payments and to be able to combat the problem of theft that some charities have observed you know that this will not happen to your donation. If the bag isn’t left out on the street there isn’t any chance that it could be stolen before the official collection is created.

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