In magnesium industry, it is used to enhance the dolomite, ferrosilicon, fluorite and mixed material. For magnesium smelting, it is matched with ball mill, cooler, press ball machine.

It is suitable for lifting the material from lower to higher place. Vibratory feeding machine gives the material to hoppers and then it is transported to higher place through the continuously running of the bucket elevator. Transmission speed could be adjusted according to transmission capacity, and the lifting height is adjusted based on requirement.

How is it operated?

Materials are scooped up by hoppers from the feeding hole and lifted to the top along with conveyor belt or chain and after turning around top wheel, it will overturn down and finally is putting into the discharging hole. Transmission belt often is made of rubber and is installed onto the upper or down transmission drum or turnabout drum. The machine with chain driving is often equipped with two parallel transmission chains. At the upper or down part, there are a pair of transmission chain Wheel and turnabout chain wheel. Usually, bucket elevator is equipped with enclosure to prevent dust flying.

When specifying a bucket elevator, there are many factors which needed to be taken into account, therefore technical advice must be sought before ordering. We have experience with many different types of crushing and grinding equipment like sand maker and China professional ore beneficiation machine and can specify machines to handle up to 1000 tph, so if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask. Please contact us for details of the many options available and for special purpose requirements.grinding mills:

What are its features and benefits?

1. Driving Power is small. Taking flow material-feeding, induced material-discharging, intensive layout of large capacity hopper which makes no material feeding back and excavating, so less reactive power is wasted.

2. It is suitable for a wide range of materials. This kind of equipment requires not so much of the material type and character. It could lift not only power, grains but also the materials with great grinding capacity. It has the good sealing ability and less environmental pollution.

3. Reliable running was ensured by advanced design principle and processing. Big lifting height is realized through the stable working of the elevator.

4. It enjoys long working life. Without bucket excavating, it takes flow feeding so rare squeezing and crashing are happened. The design ensure that seldom scattering when feeding and discharging materials, which reduce mechanical wear.