It is well known that the process of cement is of high energy consumption and pollution. Every year around the world the green house gas emitted from the process of cement is 5% of the whole greenhouse gas, among which the by-product of lime stone decarburization is 60% and the gas emitted from the fossil fuel burning in the cement kiln is 40%. The greenhouse gas from cement factory and other industrial raw materials will continuously increase with the increasing demand in cement by the concrete-intensive infrastructure of developing countries like China and India.

Our company has succeeded in the capture of carbon dioxide from the main industrial raw material for the first time and made biomass energy of high value by microalgae. This technology has improved the conversion and utilization of carbon dioxide in cement plant effectively and saved the fuel.

In the memory of Hongxing Machinery experts, the picture of the cloud-kissing chimney emitting large amount of waste gas to the sky is haunted all the time. As one of the most polluted industries, the constant emissions of waste gas from the cement factories lead to the grey sky around there. How to solve the pollution from the process of cement has been a mind-bending problem for the government and the enterprises alike. For a long time, our government sacrificed the environmental benefits temporarily for its own tax benefits. It is a great issue that how to realize the sustainable development and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the process of cement. After the international meeting last year, the environment protection draws attention from the international society. Now we all advocate sustainable development and recently it is reported that a Canadian company has made breakthrough on this issue. The details are as follows: A Canadian Biofuels Company is trying to capture the carbon dioxide of a cement factory by phycophyta and then turn them into biological fuel.grinding miller:

Recently the cement kiln has made a great advancements and achievements in dealing with the household garbage and the environment friendly field which has already been widely used in other countries. It is reported that Hongxing Machinery has researched and developed another new technology of cement ball grinding machine.

Seen from this level, the rotary kiln has a brighter future in the application of environmental protection. Now it is an international trend to be environment friendly and we believe there will be better invention applied in the cement production. It is a piece of good news for both the mass cement producer and cement ball mill users.