Magnetic separation is the main beneficiation method of iron ore. The common iron minerals include magnetite (belonging to a strongly magnetic mineral), hematite (weakly magnetic minerals), limonite, specularite and siderite (they are weakly magnetic minerals). They are the raw material of the iron and steel industry. The iron ore grade in our country is low; the majority of the minerals contain high content of impurities. Therefore, more than 80% of the minerals need magnetic separation.
As for the manganese, such as hard manganese ore, pyrolusite and rhodochrosite, they are usually weakly magnetic. The magnetic separation of magnetic separator is the commonly used for the recovery of them. And for some other ores with weak magnetism such as ilmenite, wolframite, monazite (phosphorus cerium lanthanum mine), and niobium-tantalum minerals, the magnetic separation is also the choice for recovery.
If the above examples regard the magnetic minerals as the purpose of mineral to recover (treating the magnetic minerals as the concentrate), in the beneficiation of the non-metallic mineral, the impurities such as iron, titanium are regarded as the harmful ingredients. Generally, the magnetic separation method is used to remove the materials. For example, in the beneficiation of kaolin, kyanite, quartz, feldspar and tourmaline, the users generally use the magnetic separator to remove iron and titanium minerals.
In the benefication of the dense medium, if the ferrosilicon or magnetite is used as the heavy media, the magnetic separation is a simple and effective method to recover the heavy medium. This kind of application is common in the coal preparation plant.
In the crushing of ores, if there is iron entering the crushing cavity of the crushers, the crusher will be damaged. In this case, magnetic separator is used to remove the iron in the material. In addition, in the disposal of the waste, waste water and waste gas, the magnetic separation can be also used to comprehensively utilize the useful components and protect the environment.