In the beneficiation process of the flotation separator, the agents and minerals should be uniformly stirred to complete the pharmaceutical addition according to the actual situation. The addition of medicament can be selected according to the nature of the materials. And the common used several types include foam agent, inhibitor and auxiliary agent and so on. The foam agent is the kind of pharmaceutical that is most commonly used. The flotation agent is the indispensable pharmaceutical in the flotation process. Different agents have different purposes and the form of the mineral surface adsorption of different flotation agents also differs from each other. They are mainly in the form of molecules, ions, ion exchange, electrical characteristics to be adsorbed on the mineral surface.
In the beneficiation process of the flotation concentrator, the full and complete stir of the pharmaceutical and material is one of the indispensable beneficiation ways. As for the molecular adsorption of the medicament, it refers to that the pharmaceutical is adsorbed on the surface of the mineral in the form of molecules. For example, the adsorption of the neutral oil on the surfaces of non-polar minerals, the adsorption of the dixanthogen on the sulfide ore and the adsorption of some foaming agent on the gas-liquid interface. The ion exchange adsorption refers to that a certain kind of ion in the solution do the equivalent exchange with the ion on the mineral surfaces that has the same charge symbol and then the ion in the solution is absorbed on the mineral surface. Ion-adsorbing means that the agent is adsorbed on the mineral surface in the form of ions, such as the adsorption of the collector of carboxylic acids on the surface of fluorite and scheelite. Electrostatic adsorption means the adsorption by the static electricity. The medicament has the characteristic of adsorption. It is very important to complete the pharmaceutical addition based on the nature of the mineral.