1. As we all know, this year’s international and domestic environment has been ups and downs, the world occurs the international financial crisis, and our nation happened domestic major blizzards, Wenchuan and yushu earthquakes of high magnitude, then zhouqu mudslides, which a century of man-made and natural disasters, which has had a serious impact on China’s economic situation, and once China’s mining machinery industry situation fell seriously.
2. But with the State macro-control, the economic policies were introduced one after another. Crushing machine industry as a whole are very encouraged by the policies, at present, especially in Henan, China market is rapidly dating such a passive situation of cone crusher, and return to the track of fast development, as Henan Hongxing heavy industry Crusher has been the mainstay of the market, continued to take a strong role.
The powerful self-adjustment capability and fast development momentum of Cone Crusher industry increasingly attract the attention of our State and great public opinion, through major industry Web sites, newspapers and local media publicity in any sector as a whole, this kind of publicity not only improves the status of Hongxing heavy industry, but also expanded his social influence. It is a good thing for Henan Crusher market and Hongxing heavy industry itself.
3. Communication within the industry promotes the technical improvements within the enterprise, in order to connect with the world as soon as possible, and increasing Hongxing heavy industry leading advantage, from 2008, Hongxing heavy industry focuses on the research and development and innovation of mobile crushing station, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, vertical milling machine, new, large mining equipment. Now we have basically formed the various configurations of the tire Crusher station, tracked crushing plant, large cone breaks and other products. The emergence of these products makes Hongxing heavy industry in Henan Crusher markets continue to be the leading edge as a whole, but also provides a better opportunity for the development of the industry.