But should fasten cloth belt. This kind of dress up in the state of the up and down the river in the village branch secretary is the proprietary dress up, and ancient furnace village branch secretary different is still take a long pole long stemmed Chinese pipe, when speaking waving long stemmed Chinese pipe, walk, both hands back on, long stemmed Chinese pipe is yi in the sleeve. The corner of the mouth from the roadway down is a diffuse slope, branch secretary squint, seem to watch surface fish, but with the feet will be on the road to move a stone wall, say: you put on corn boiled MBT Sadiki?

Surface fish said: cooking, forty jin corn cook all the.

Branch secretary say: not all cook up don’t you still leave some? ! Stove plate?

Surface fish said: plate, the plate.

Surface fish have been facing the branch secretary, but the body back to the branch secretary to speak, branch secretary has been away, and he also has been back the body said. His back no long eye, road and diffuse, a pit son nest a waste, but did not fall.

Surface fish said: that’s ok. Heard that give me forty jin corn others have intention to see?

Branch secretary said: that must have opinions yao, the tank will jump jump in the village rang miles.

Surface fish said: he spikes tyre repair miles, I said that he didn’t? Other plasterer carpenter made money out into commission miles, he never pay I said he didn’t? No yao, never! He also bite me miles?

Branch secretary said: raise questions to ask? I said, ZhuDa tank aboveboard, later whose as long as can have the baby was born, the production team to 40 kg maize soju!

Surface fish said: what you have said, I can sleep at night firmly.

Branch secretary said: I have to tell you, baby a become an outlaw, called whole village to drink! Ancient furnace village of good atmosphere from you here to start!

Branch secretary coat seems to be sinking, he shrugged his shoulders, and then speed up the pace, surface fish never keep up with and stood there still mouth ji ji gu gu, dog urine moss will face up, said: ye, ye branch secretary, to business!

Branch secretary didn’t take speech, eyes have been with narrow , but looked up dog urine moss behind the two men and a woman, and her eyes shine, ask: buy porcelain goods? Women say: buy 10 mat bowl, six mat plates, what price? Branch secretary said: it. Women say: can you cheap much buy a few seats. Branch secretary said: department stores have make price? Women say: this is the shang to buy goods ah. Branch secretary said: it is the shang, not me ZhuDa the ark. The dog urine moss saw branch secretary said these words, the face is very kind, seems to have been a smile, a word to say that finish, but face a cloud, and turned to walk on the left side of the lane .

The left lane is diffuse uphill, always can go to the gate. Gate is kiln temple gate, from here can see kiln temple gate, the door stood two cypress tree, the tree old get didn’t crown, trunk twist like stood QinQiongJing DE. To the west gate “is a soil, soil field south first a is a big yard, the court is made of iron, three rooms inside the house is owned house, on one side and three rooms bull ring room, large open of the court, and the court by in a row pile on LiuQiTou tied, cattle, head toward the west, tail down.

Branch secretary walk alone, buy porcelain goods of leng motionless, the dog urine moss said: keep up with, keep up with! He also to go. The red cock zhaobi with a walk. Branch secretary on the ramp gas don’t breathe heavily and steps robot stack robot stack ring. A wall of saggar build by laying bricks or stones to gap is big, the dog urine moss close to go to see the yard people what to do, for creak open, and the cattle go out road. Cattle road suddenly saw branch secretary, said: branch secretary you eat? Branch secretary said: no to lunch eat what miles? You don’t work? Cattle and said: I run miles. Old branch secretary said: oh, hurriedly eat a pimple garlic, garlic can bifurcation e. Buy porcelain goods man said: after run? They don’t understand. The dog urine moss told: run after all don’t understand ah, run after is have loose bowels. However, everyone is dry intestinal e can’t, and the way how to also run after? Buy porcelain goods of say: characteristic! Branch secretary and went on, that coat or heavy, old slip down, now and then he shrugs, red cock is also head go out, two wings back drag touchdown, like with the coat.

Public house yard cattle and not for the people to move and posture, even no tail jilt the. Branch secretary opened public door, three room a is to place a square table, four bench, put on the wall portrait of chairman MAO and various sizes red satin multicolored silk banner, and the other two rooms have a small door locked. Branch secretary was in no hurry to go to open a small door locks son, and feel a silk banner hang oblique, walk over to hang up , take out long stemmed Chinese pipe, said: eat ah? Buy porcelain goods of say: not. Branch secretary will kick in the bench from eat smoke, but the key thrown to the dogs urine moss, let the dog urine moss open wicket the collar buy porcelain goods point goods.

The dog urine moss was reuse, stretch out the neck, think a high a cut, but regret today go out not take matchlock, making the party a match struck is inserted in the YanGuo and end the tobacco pouch bar at the top of suction. Two room of of all kinds of porcelain goods one high barrier son, buy porcelain goods yelling, took the dishes to see former, ring sound, the dog urine moss even say: be careful ah, be careful! Branch secretary hum once, the but again let him out.

The dog urine moss ash stack stack out of public housing, joy has just arrived from outside back a bundle of corn stalk the bull ring room and called him for help Zha material, and near the door on the pile of a head of HuaDianZi cattle sneezed. This cow skinny, canthus grovel filled with mosquitoes and flies. Its sneeze in a strange voice. The dog urine moss said: you laugh at me miles? The first slanting, the ox head into the stomach. Didn’t want to other cows all call out, and the guy with the REINS, come and surround the dog urine moss. The cattle are said: don’t hit it, it has bezoar! The dog urine moss said: what bezoar? The cow say: you even bezoar all don’t know! The dog urine moss don’t really know what is bezoar, he looked at the face of cattle, cattle face all pull so long, he said: I what don’t know? Do you think I really don’t know? ! Will not find cows, to help glad Zha material. A hi-hat child put in there, like a man straddling leg lay, the dog urine moss took a pinch of corn stalk feed in Zha mouth, glad to ask the guillotine by, Zha out material section as spray jump up. Bull ring tent one share urine SAO flavor, and corner of the hearth to cattle burning condiment water opened, gurgle gurgle sound. Glad to say: you do what, low miles? The dog urine moss said: I speak and cattle miles. Glad said: ?? The dog urine moss said, is to speak it, they said HuaDianZi have bezoar. Glad mouth how old, his teeth off, the mouth of the nest, like baby’s fart eye. The dog urine moss said: what is a bezoar? Glad said: bezoar is beef liver tumors grew on, that is medicine, your very! Cows can give you talk? The dog urine moss said: what all can speak miles. And fed a pinch of corn stalk, still want to say: you think you’re the only one can talk ? But haven’t said exports, branch secretary in call him; shout tired of waiting.

Branch secretary in the public took the sell porcelain goods money, with a pen on a little book tally , pen write the didn’t ink, jilt rejection, or no ink, he cried out, dog urine moss to MaShao home get ink brought.

MaShao is accounting, accounting house must have the ink. The dog urine moss hastily ran to the MaShao home, MaShao didn’t in, MaShao his mother black lips, hand wu wear the chest was sitting in the yard. MaShao his mother had heart disease, it is full of village people know, the dog urine moss and she talk to all need to be careful, so afraid of acoustic tallest frightened her, take a breather in a low voice said branch secretary to ink miles, the ink on where he took to send to party. MaShao his mama the finger refers to the counter of the houses, the dog urine moss take the ink bottle carelessly, and the ink bottle didn’t cover, went out. MaShao his mama stood up to give what he says, he is not willing to and her talk, cat waist trot, but in the lane that has a stagger, ink sprinkled it on the ground. Only half bottle of the ink bottle, the dog urine moss was afraid, or so took a look, it is nobody, busy kicking the soil cover the ground ink traces of reflexive to MaShao home, to MaShao his mama said: honey, I’m thirsty, the pail of water didn’t? MaShao his mama said: eat what good, the cold thirst? The dog urine moss has into the kitchen, busy scoop a gourd ladle the water ink bottle filling, it said: honey, your home water put sugar, our sweet? And went away.

The dog urine moss good, he feels he has thought about in the ink bottle feed, change is a cow bell around, even the beach, it is absolute thought the idea of. But he would not trot, carefully holding the ink bottle carelessly, for fear that a bit by bit spill.

In the public, branch secretary pen suction the ink, write the word light to see not clear. Branch secretary said: from MaShao home take? The dog urine moss said: MaShao away, his mother in knots, his mama disease made again. Branch secretary is looking at the dog urine moss, see the dog urine moss guilty, started to bite fingernails. Branch secretary said: bottle so full? The dog urine moss said: ah full. Branch secretary said: you the way and planted? The dog urine moss said: oh no. Branch secretary said: no? Ao you have ink idea miles, still dare to say no? ! The dog urine moss panic, suddenly everything confessed, branch secretary yelled at 1: you roll!

The dog urine moss knew that added water ink with the no. Roll get right, left the public house yard, cow laughed collective sneezed. Branch secretary didn’t say he was engaged in damage, also did not say let him lose the ink, the dog urine moss is no hate branch secretary, he hate up yourself, the quilted jacket off, only wearing while single apiece, let frozen to, always walk towards the east.

To the east of the village head had a large pan, pan down the chinaberry egg son.

Ancient furnace village has more than ten pan and stone mill, the oldest is pure bluestone is number pollution-producing heavy stone mill and DongTou village of pan. Branch secretary often give a person speaking, surnamed zhu’s ancestors, in charge here the most prosperous time, state river fluctuation ten five miles people envy.