(1888PressRelease) Alcohol and drug are the two most hazardous addictions that can easily hamper one’s life. But, with Muskoka Recovery Center one can get a new ray of hope towards a sober and healthy life again.

Addiction is a big word with various reasons, circumstances, pros and cons behind it. If someone is suffering from continuous abuse of any depending substance like Methadone, drug or alcohol, he/she is dealing with an endless disease. But not anymore as Muskoka Recovery Center is here to serve the addicts with personalized recovery programs. The rehab center has highest success and lowest relapse rate in Canada. Besides offering result oriented addiction treatment programs to the addicts, this rehabilitation center in North Muskoka/ParrySound also provide family programs live online to keep the family members connected with their loved ones from anywhere anytime.

Moreover, Muskoka Recovery Center is one of the only rehab centers in Canada that offer guarantee on its addiction recovery program. As to treat the addictive patients effectively and positively, the team of excellent therapists at Muskoka Recovery Center keeps updating their knowledge by attending seminars, and conferences, etc. Apart from experience and skills, most of the Counselors here have another wonderful accomplishment that is they are recovered or recovering from some addiction. Thus, provide reliable services with full integrity and sensibility.

When it comes to ambience of the rehab center, Muskoka Recovery Center offers complete peace of mind, security and reassurance that help patients here recover faster. With 140 acres of beautiful area in north Muskoka/Parry Sound, this rehabilitation center provide five star hotel like facilities such as gym, spacious rooms, indoor pool, fishing and various other ammenities.

The foundation of Muskoka Recovery Center is a result of self-experience of addiction by its founder and executive director, John. He himself fought against cocaine and alcohol addiction for several years, thus resolute with an idea of a rehabilitation center to cure other addicts after successful recovery. With years of extensive hard work and comprehensive research, started in the year 2007, he finally came up with the Recovery Center organization which includes Muskoka Recovery and 2 other locations in Ontario.

With the remarkable job of veteran team members, Muskoka Recovery Center has become one of the leading names for rehabilitation centers in Canada. The team of veterans that took Muskoka Recovery Center to another level of achievements includes:
• Specialized Therapists,
• Psycho-therapists,
• Specialized therapy facilitators,
• Proficient addiction therapists,
• Skilled therapists,
• Experienced addiction counselors,
• Relapse prevention specialty counselors and many more.

These elite facilities, knowledgeable staff and soothing ambience work all together to give the addicts a healthier, happier and prosperous life once again.

To get any more information about the recovery programs or any other services contact us at 1-877-966-6887 or email at info ( @ ) muskokarecovery dot com