The crusher equipment installation is a very important problem, the crusher manufacturers such as Hongxing which is also producing the impact crusher and cone crusher have noticed this problem. Tighten the nut and the bolt should be exposed by nuts. To double-check the installation of the crusher , crusher equipment surfaces and holes are for anchor bolts oil, mud and the stagnant water, anything else should to cleaned and cleared.

China’s rapid economic development and modernization increase the rapid growth of the industry, all kinds of industrial waste residue is growing, such as calcium carbide furnace dust, coke powder, limestone and slag, industrial waste residue is processed through the crusher and can be transformed into new resources, thus be re-used in the economic construction and industrial production. For the installation of the crushers(including impact crusherand hammer crusher) and the follow-up work, it is able to improve the efficiency of the equipment if done carefully.

Do not make the anchor bolts tilt and affect equipment installation accuracy, contact higher pedestal underside of the grout layer with equipment, then it should be no shrinkage of concrete or cement . The thickness of the grout layer of the ball mill should not affect fixing horn or preventing oil and water into the layer.

The surface should be of flat bottom and should not touch the bottom of the hole to place the horn parts. The contact between the nut , washer and equipment base should be close. Embedded anchor bolt threads and nuts should preserve the integrity of the threaded portion which is coated with a small amount of oil. Before grouting, holes should be cleaned with chippings concrete high level of intensity which is more than the strength of the foundation concrete.

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