The development of mining machinery manufacturing in China is at a critical period, on the one hand, the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, requires a lot of technical equipment, on the other hand, the technical level of China’s equipment manufacturing industry is not high, and the industrial structure is unreasonable, relevant policies are not perfect, which could not meet the needs of economic development, resulting in a large number of technology and equipment import. In the context of economic globalization, a State could not monopolize all of their required equipment, but as a socialist State with a population of more than 1.3 billion, industrialization and modernization cannot be brought from abroad, also can’t afford, we necessarily achieve industrialization through the development of machinery manufacturing, and only the strong machinery manufacturing industry can become a powerful industrialized nation.

All of the machinery manufacturing industry, such as mining equipment products, including crushers, mills, sand machine, mineral processing equipment, all have their development space, continuous development and innovation is the eternal and unchanging truths, and is the focus of competing in mining machinery industry. So, this requires that the majority of the mine Crusher manufacturing and production companies must be sure to design on the improvement and innovation of the input energy. Only on the basis of constant improvement and innovation for the original detail, we can accumulate much experience over time, and makes the whole production line show a good momentum, and ultimately accumulate to a qualitative leap. And ultimately we can achieve the contribution to the capacity of industry production.

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