Chicken person, the king of the birds also. Since ancient times, people will virtue and talent, tempernament and so on various aspects performance outstanding woman called “phoenix”, and “dragon” echo each other at a distance, therefore had “used”, “hope female ChengFeng” allusions. People are using its to reveal women’s true I wholesale jewelry, and reflect female unshakable historical position, and along with the time and the rapid development of social economy, the woman in today’s China and the world of each the field influence is expanding.

To control the fashion, deduce the beautiful amorous feelings

Women born good control fashion, whether clothing, jewelry or makeup look. Women love nature, and tidal current market is the female people daily required subjects, and “chicken” bright is dazzing and women’s noble temperament bring out the best in each other, the appropriate makeup look, wear suitable clothes, wear suitable jewelry, and not fawn on common, not conformity, show is refined decent women temperament.

Contracted Chinese wind has been for people from all walks of life fashion designer place favour, can from to Jane stood out in the women’s free from vulgarity beauty, but also will be in the troubles and women’s plain phase isolation, fashion and contracted, combining create give prize elements, deduce the woman to beautiful amorous feelings.

Beyond the dream, release positive energy

Modern women in the family care at the same time, also pays attention to oneself in the embodiment of the value of the business. They have a dream, my favorite career through to the end. The ancient MuGuiYing, hua mu LAN on the battlefield ride the whirlwind, become a legend history now. Today, modern woman is beyond the dream, in the workplace stepping solid step.

This is what “phoenix” is the essence of the spirit of expression. Chicken to the birds of the attitude over the world, strong field and do not break clever. And a woman, in the life the arena also do not need to throw in the towel. In the career of spell able, free and easy is calm, confident performance, working responsible and serious is the real reflection of professional ethics. They to people up and hope, dare to pursue, release positive energy, make life full of optimism and happiness.

Art star jewelry “chicken ShangZhi” interpretation volunteers woman

Art star jewelry in 2012 make open years product “kiss of the dragon”, again continue force Chinese wind, in the end of the year of the dragon tribute “chicken ShangZhi” new products, for the female tailored fashion jewelry, devotion to vindicate women volunteers. Women and chicken relationship since ancient times there is destiny, pride, strong, noble, catch elegant, is not only the spirit of advocating the, but also the modern women hope to realize inner monologue.

Love fashion, and persistent. Modern woman had to say goodbye to yes under traditional system bound, the new age women advocating personality, independent, with their own hard work and struggle to highlight the strength of self-worth. “Chicken ShangZhi” in reflect woman easy to control the fashionable at the same time, will also be a woman in the soft belt just flow of qi perfect interpretation out!

“Chicken ShangZhi” to Chinese wind show Oriental female beauty

Art star jewelry “chicken ShangZhi” series with pendant is given priority to, using Chinese wind, will the east women’s gentle and elegant and noble reiki, combining the abstract line be drawn the outline of “chicken” fly and positive presence, contracted and fashionable style, beautiful revealed in atmospheric grade.

The series of products using “chicken” elements of the elegant light spirit, with claws inserted and micro inserted to K gold to make the finishing point ornament, show both sides of the female character. Chicken and the smooth lines show female tender one side of the pure beauty, and the lion ZhangYangZe for women is the embodiment of the strong and spell able. Series products of “chicken” attitude or dancing, or static, or looking back, or crowd, each product are lifelike, will be the attitude of the vivid, the lion or body to group set around the diamond, foil the wearer of nobility, clear and elegant.

Is heart, the quality of life. Art star jewelry “chicken ShangZhi” pendant series speak woman thoughts, are women inner to dream of persist to pursue another expression!