“There ain’t an I actually did see that I git a for cuz they aint worth it, youall surely got to give them, and water them, and sleep them, and they cant execute a thing fer themselves,” said Old Josh, putting, “they aint worth a dollar for everyone of them, that there, their, the saddle over yonder over that there fence post is worth a lot more than the hosses. Yessum those hosses trigger yaw nothin’ but trouble. And ef’in I had my choice, I’d eliminate them all fer horse meat, and supply them to the hogs-Yessum they aint worth a penny now that I consider it.”The Auctioneer told everybody to organize, the auction was going to start, there have been several men sitting on the wall posts of the corral waiting to bid on the five-horses, that’s all they had, five-horses inside the corral, and not all that great looking either:”Come-on boys!” said Josh, but Silas did not move, he said, “Wes got to buy a hoss cuz Mr. Hightower done offered you twenty-dollars pa, and I hears him say, ‘Josh now yous better pay attention, cuz I wants a, and I wants him currently, you hear me’? and you say, ‘I hears you Mr. Hightower, don’t you worry none, cuz I got it all figured out!”A few of the customers seemed towards Josh, and Josh said in a whisper,”Shut hey’ mouth, I is doin’ company but yous jes’ do not know it!”Jordon then said, “Come on today pa, wes gittin’ hungry, purchase a hoss so we could go on home and eat.” (It was getting hot, and late in the afternoon, )”Ok son, I gives them fifteen-cents for that there hoss with the big eyes, brin’ that there hoss over here son, I wants to see him closer…!”And the stable boy did as he was told, and Josh made faces at the horse to annoy him, and even spit in the horses face, and gave it a good slap on the nose, and the horse jerked and jumped a bit, turned unmanageable for a no one saw Josh spit, or slap the horse, no one but Josh, Silas and the stable boy, as Josh plainly preferred it.”Go on now,” said Josh, “and when yous go around this corral again, bring that there hoss back to me.””Ok, forks,” said the auctioneer, “how about five-dollars a visit start out with, five dollars for any one horse you see.”And some tall white guy, sitting on Mr. Smile’s fence, where the auction was being held, said, “I think I will say five for that one with the big eyes.”Said the auctioneer,”That there horse is the best of the ton how about ten or even twenty dollars for it, do I hear a greater bid?”The boy delivered the horse with the big eyes back around to Old Josh, and he went along to pat the horse on the face-making certain everyone saw him do it-and the horse jerked back, and the man who bet five dollars, saw him jerk back, and Josh made a, Josh looked as if he was worried (but he wasn’t of course, it was all show and inform), and the tall man, looked like he was likely to bid ten dollars, but after seeing the horse sale backwards, and jerk, and Josh shudder, he stopped suddenly with his bid, looked at the auctioneer, said with a voice,”I am a ‘ it to everyone who wants it for $6.00 since I am not bidding another greenback for that wild beast.”Old Josh easily said,”I suppose I gots to take the wild one, cuz I’s a, and youall need the best, so I gits the worse, ok, gives me the hoss for $6.00 and I take him as he is.”The Auctioneer was dumbfounded, but the horse nearly got an out of Josh’s hand, so what might he say,”Ok, Josh, Mr. Hightower’s got on this horse.” (And the auctioneer went onto another horse. )Old Josh, he looked happier than a mouse with an of cheese on his back, walked away with the horse, said to his two boys,”Yo’ ole pa, he ain’t therefore dump as youall think he is,” and he laughed all just how back to the Hightower Plantation, which wasn’t all that much, and said with a voice, walking with a relaxed horse now,”We performed goin’ to git fourteen dollar worth of moonshine from Granny Mae. And I thinks we is goin’ to contact the hoss, dynamite!”For Mike Siluk 677 7-21-2008

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