The rotary type is applied to dry separation of the fine strongly-magnetic (medium strong) materials. Due to the high speed rotating effect, the magnetic rolling time of the magnetic particles is much higher than the common magnetic separator, which has particular effect to destroy the magnetic reunion and increase the rate of the high-grade mine. The separated minerals are divided into magnetic and non-magnetic materials; the materials are discharged separately from their own port. This machine is used to the rough separation and the fancy separation of the materials which is 6~0mm.
The butter is poured into the oil gun to lubricate the bearing. The lower bearing has three oil holes which are open to discharge the waste oil and inject the fresh oil to guarantee the good lubrication every once in a while. With many evenly distribution peening hammers on the main bearing, the hammerhead is mobile and evenly packed. Strictly control the relative weight difference of the hammerhead. After the hammerhead wear, the eccentric bolts are used to make the hammerhead radial movement to adjust the gap between hammerhead and impact plate, and the maximum adjustment distance is 15mm. The outer housing is made of thick steel plate, with open-closed pattern, two pairs to open one door to dismantle, repair, and replace the wearing parts.
Permanent drum magnetic separator is suitable for wet separation of the fine strongly-magnetic materials particles. Through the ore feeding box, the pulp enters into the tank, and then the pulp goes into the mineral feeding area in loose state. When in the magnetic field, under the effect of the magnetic field, the strongly-magnetic materials are absorbed on the surface of the cylinder. During the rotating process of the cylinder, the magnetic particles roll in chain-like. At the same time some gangue grain and sand mixed among the magnetic materials are washed out. Rotating with the cylinder, the magnetic materials are taken out of the mine area and crushed into the clean mine. While the non-magnetic materials are casted off, under the effect of the slurry flow in the trough body, discharged from the tailings port. Then the separation is over.

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