As the mobile market grows with new technologies, models, features and most likely the apps, companies are showing interest to build dynamic and user-friendly mobile apps. There are platforms like Android, iOSand Windows from technology pioneers where developers can build customized apps for mobiles. Until now Ruby on Railsis used to develop dynamic websites and web based applications. But now it’s possible to develop mobile applications with the new Rhodes Framework. Rhodes Framework, a Ruby based framework developed by Motorola Corporation to build native mobile applications for android, iPhone, windows and others. The framework is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller pattern) architecture where the Views are written with HTML and Controllers are written in Ruby.This framework comes in a bundle called Rhomobile with various other plug-ins and features.

How Rhodes Framework is better than others

Rhodes Framework has some improved features which lack in most of the mobile application development platforms. Here are some points where Rhodes framework stays ahead:

  • More structured and developer friendly codes as it uses MVC architecture. All of the controller coding are in Ruby which is certainly easier to understand than Javascript.
  • RhodeSync, the remote server synchronization assistant is paired up with Rhodes which enables retrieving information from remote server. RhodeSync also enables apps’ offline functionality.
  • Building complimentary apps for a Ruby on Rails developed website is much easier as controllers and views will be written using Ruby and HTML respectively.
  • Rhodes framework supports all mobile OS platforms including Windows mobile
  • Rhom, the inbuilt object relational manager in Rhodes which helps in building data centric apps in Rhodes and easy to navigate data on a database server. It’s most useful in building Enterprise business apps.
  • Rapid development like in rails development due to well-structured andlesser coding with code reusability concepts. That’s why building apps with Rhodes is much easier and cost effective as compared to other native application development frameworks.
  • Rhodes is the only framework which comes up with an app generator.
  • Features like Near Field Communication, hardware based barcode scanning and signature capturing can be added to native apps, which is rarely possible with other mobile application development frameworks.
  • Integrated debugging tool and device independent simulator are available with Rhodes

As there are certain shortcomings in every tool and Rhodes does have some issues regarding bugs and online support. But Rhodes framework is certainly a winner in native mobile application development as Rhodes applications performs better and faster as compared to other mobile application development frameworks. We at Andolasoft have been working on Ruby on Rails development since our foundation. We’ve a huge team of RoR developers who have huge experience on working with domains like Entertainment, E-commerce, Automobile, Health and E-Learning.