Bucket of red broadsword is cruel, it is necessary to reveal, give completely clear pernicious influence, wake up is veiled crowd, and unity more power, hammer team to conduct a big parade: the demonstration not only turn times ancient furnace village each roadway, but also to the next bend in the river to, for the next bend in the river of gold hoop stick is aid them, and hurt so much, dead one.

Procession in the mountain front focus, with the door carry the yellow circle and the other two broken legs outside, hurt waist on the stick and hurt his arm cloth belt climbing, and gill help, frontal cranial, head with the injury, uniform and bind up the cloth take down, let the wounds bare. The dog urine moss early in the morning out fall urine barrel, the original is fall in the toilet urine pond, but he partial raised urine barrel to put raw urine over to private plot of onion long to, which is to see the parade. Slippery to slip slide, urine barrel urine is swayed the spill, in gutta percha tree, post back a bamboo bag, on a stick son LieLieJuJu to come over and say: dog urine moss you’re not tired, the early? The dog urine moss said: yesterday I didn’t fight, tired what? ! Post said: I’m not tired. What you to go? The dog urine moss said: give private plot and pour some raw urine . Post come and see urine barrel, said: urine are sprinkled the r. over what Onions? He suddenly eyes gaze at the front, with the operation stick one chuo, revealing a shoe in the zhen, is leather shoes, shoe heel grind side low side is high, but the vamp haven’t break a hole. He put his shoes play play snow, threw it into the basket, say: put his, watch no, did not see a points five points of steel shop son? ! The dog urine moss call way: you woke early to pick up things ah! Post said: why not pick up, yesterday have los town, left to will the good thing, you walk under your feet to listen for. Also a cow bell around from another lane come out, he hasn’t put on cotton wadded jacket, waist in the le a straw rope, compressed into a knot in one’s heart, listen to the words of post, kicking a snow, said: oh, here is a tooth, how long a front teeth, do you want? Post said: I heard that you have a dog drive yesterday on the wall? A cow bell around said: who drive me? Is a hail of bullets, don’t hurt me a glove on him! Post said: let me see your ears! A cow bell around wore locomotives cotton hat, two flaps of a cap tightly le in his chin, said: why do I let you see, I don’t think cold! Post said: see you this bear appearance, are not killed also get ice die! Walk r. A cow bell around walked to come over, to the dog urine moss said: bucket no urine? I’ll give you some urine. The solution of trousers went to the pail urine. The dog urine moss also solution the urine trousers, cold day is much more urine, two people urine were to remember. A cow bell around said: from the spring back, zha see you again come out? The dog urine moss said: I which sent are not, come out get disorderly hammer? ! A cow bell around said: don’t you know, yellow circle let fire fast no? The dog urine moss said: you hear that? A cow bell around said: last night listening to beach mom give a person said. The dog urine moss said: she didn’t say fire is you use evasive fight up? A cow bell around said: fire is burning you ah! The dog urine moss face changed, said: she said? A cow bell around said: she didn’t say, you look scared. The dog urine moss said: then don’t say this! Is the trousers , pail also don’t go to private plot, in a hurry to go home, on the way, also thought it a few days don’t see cow bell around, a cow bell around is broken mouth, I wish he nonsense. Turned the entrance to the lane, again remind of post pick up things, could not help but also take around eyes this way and that, and he is not to pick up what, but the strange yesterday this each alley played a foul atomsphere, just overnight, white the boundless fall what also have no. A turn around, confused from another lane that has come out. Muzzy tail bone was wounded, but tail bone injured and can’t take off pants to show the injury. He took his chickens killed, with chicken blood in his head on, on the ear wipe, wipe to ao collar are blood. Confused also saw the dog urine moss, said: the dog urine moss, parade! The dog urine moss deliberately said: swim what line, not cold of ice and snow? Confused said: hammer team parade ah, condemn red broadsword ah Metallic Jeremy Scott adidas, blood will have blood do you know this? The dog urine moss said: I’m not a hammer team, I do not parade . Confused said: don’t go? Not to is red broadsword! I get pulled you go, and your woman, letter not letter? The dog urine moss can’t talk back, he said he could go to, but have to urine barrel carry back to go again, confused over one foot kicked the bucket the urine, said: you give me ShuaHuaTou ah? Took the dog urine moss ears walk, walk up and down the side said: you think rare you ah, let you go imitation number is KanDeShang you, you also don’t go, you a broken (bone spring)!

Under the gate, yellow circle has been carried out, and he could not sit up, I was lying on a door, above built a quilt. And there are two broken legs, is using laths fixed the tape winding son, a daughter-in-law in the tank said, call angel to squeezed bone, don’t pinch, the future leg long slanting. The tank said: now knead what miles, parade over again pinch! Called to holds to the door, the daughter-in-law is also the quilt cover up, was built solid. The tank say: leg light out! A quilt and gave the off. Bring the doors of a total of four, yellow circle lay a, two broken legs each lay a, leaving a take back, the tank said: just three? To carry a! Confused you tail bone good yet? Confused immediately said: still hurt very. The tank say: that you lay up, can’t e less than urine has been going to the next bend in the river. Confused said: I can to hold one’s. Before sleeping on the door on. Have to say, made mountain, eighty percent are arranging to rotation to lift this door , have taken: blurred this heavy, I don’t lift! Confused said: I to hammer team is one dozen become so, you don’t lift? Have taken: you that to calculate what hurt? Confused is oh oh voice calls. Baldy gold said, confused you all the way sound calls! Confused said: give me a quilt, I’m lying here not active, freeze to death? The tank will give the dog urine moss said: you are quick to my home with a quilt. The dog urine moss went to the slot home, to hold out the quilt of the court, and return to go to, just took a broken list.

The parade Shouting slogans in ancient furnace village all the lane turned a circle, the lane of course also stood full, name the night’s family, also have surnamed zhu and miscellaneous surname family, surnamed zhu the somebody else old little no echo, just silently take eyes watching. Occasionally there a two red broadsword members stand in your own door, also is the arm around the cloth hanging in the chest or walks with a stick lame a leg, they display his injury. Beach immediately HeWen: you do, you standing here in what? The man said: I in front of my house miles, not stem what,, hand but plug into a fork in a a land grab. Beach said: “I give you talk miles, you catch? ! The man said: I felt I would like to catch! Two people a loud, family quickly threw the man pull into the yard, they shut the gate of the. After half lane, half in the lane surname night more than the somebody else, there are three in the set off firecrackers. Firecrackers rang, the dog urine moss is excited, first run in the past on the ground to pick up dropped down not loud gun, baldy gold kicked his feet, he took three star, holding in his hand ran to the front to parade. Beach mom is steamed a cage sweet potato to wait for the team coming to take the road to eat, the dog urine moss to beach mom for an, beach mother not to give, the dog urine moss just want to revenge for a while, and silently took out the match lit a gun, hole son cable line up in smoke, he was eager went beach mom feet throw. But the match into the beach mom feet, gun in his hand, but in Fried.

Team from ancient furnace village one out, gong and drum also don’t knock, slogan is not shouted, in addition to yellow circle, confused and two others also nobody to carry, from walking. But, strange things happened, when in ancient furnace village parade, based on the coated white pine (pinus bungeana) before the a few red-billed white tail bird has been on the head fly, the dog urine moss also heart talk in a low voice: this is again someone to please to say good disease? Can’t help just thinking of good slip up last night didn’t slip, and sleep a night that head still hurt not painful. Soon, this idea will flash past, he saw the birds of the heaven is more and more, followed the team fly, the team out of the village, birds still do not come loose, and sometimes birds excrement fall down. Yellow circle in the door first, still can open eyes, then three wave two sway it fainted, the slot dropped to the door said: HuangTongZhi, this you have to hold on! Yellow circle eyes and open, but soliloquize: bird to peck my hand. The tank try yellow circle forehead, said: fever miles, said the nonsense. Just make the lift door HuanJian people when we dub to steady point. Just go a long way, a bird suddenly fly down from the empty, solicitation (mouth bond) * to peck up yellow circle hand, his hand on the quilt outside, the skin will peck away. Everyone hurriedly catch a bird, yellow circle and faint. Team to the next bend in the river village, gong and drum to knock on, shout the slogan, confused and two other personal and lie in the door. Yellow circle and woke up, soliloquize to say: the bird to peck at my feet. Lift door said: peck, bird would drive, I give you his feet cover good! Yi the BeiJiao, cover tightly the yellow circle feet. The next bend in the river village is also a ditch, ditch without guy SLATE, is frame three root wood rafter, carrying the door leaf, in front of people in the past, people behind a treadle rafter, three root wood rafter bundle together article Gregory but broke, wood rafter slipped, and they a stagger set foot in the canal, the door at one fell swoop oblique, almost the yellow circle plank, and several people busy to help, but only the feet, have never thought and have a bird flying through the air, yellow circle on the quilt slip, the bird is solicitation (mouth bond) * to peck at his feet, the door carry over the canal, and found that the birds have to examine feet peck. The tank to lose your temper, lift door said: realizing , birds always pecking him? ! The tank also feel strange, let the yellow circle injury foot come to light, and that the dog urine moss from the left and right sides, specifically responsible for custody bird.