People also suffer from the price goophone i5 Since Published attracted the attention of people around the world, this new machine is no suspense sought after by the majority of people, but also makes its price continues to remain high, want to start in a wait-and-see, but the nearestthe price trend of gradual decline, is indeed a good news for people want to buy.


Compared to iPhone4s, Apple iPhone 5 screen size first occurrence of a change, to expand from 3.5 inch to 4 inches, a resolution of 1136×640, reach 326ppi standards, goophone buy the new screen can display the icon of the line 5. Looks pretty grade. IPhone 5 touch sensors integrated into the screen, the touch sensitivity is quite high, said that this is the most accurate display of the current industry. In addition, Apple will also remove the iPhone 5 screen layer, to make it more clear, iPhone 5 screen saturation improved by 44%, allegedly the most advanced display.


iPhone 5 with A6 processor, double the CPU and graphics performance. According to reports, the iphone 4 angel beats hülle is equipped with A6 processor performance more CPU performance and graphics performance are A5 twice, but the core area was reduced by 22%. The practical application of the faster application loading speed of the iPhone 5 with A6 processor, such as Page loading speed is up to 2.1 times, the Keynote loading speed is also 1.7 times. A6 processor performance also enhance camera photos, A6 has the next generation ISP, space noise reduction, intelligent filtering, better low light performance and faster image capture capability, camera speed to 40% faster than the 4S.


iPhone 5 is equipped with 8 megapixel camera with f2.4 aperture, photo capture resolution of 3264×2448, hardware, there is no difference between the previous generation w007 products, the iPhone 5 has a new feature panoramic shot, in addition A6 processor the use of the iPhone 5 to take pictures and photo processing faster. According to reports, the iPhone 5 with a new camera mode, panoramic mode, in this mode, you can use the iPhone 5 shooting panoramic photos, panoramic photos up to 28 million pixels. iPhone 5 when shooting panoramic photos is actually shooting more than one, then seamlessly stitching and convert with A6 processor outstanding performance, the stitching is very fast conversion speed.