Most of us today engage in buying and selling goods online. The e-commerce websites are giving tough competition to the brick & mortar stores as people find it extremely convenient to shop for the goods through a website while sitting at one place. From clothes to accessories, household items, jewelry, machinery, vehicles; in short, anything and everything is available online these days. Hence, trade & commerce has changed drastically with the advent of online portals. Not only have they made the shopping experience easy & convenient but have also provided them with endless choices available without having to roam from one market to another.

There are numerous advantages for the sellers as well because they get an effective platform to showcase their products and make a quick sale. Attracting large number of prospective buyers is easy on an online portal as the exposure is more. In the absence of any operating cost and other expenses which are inherent with physical stores sellers can get the desired price for their offerings when selling online. However, the major concern that arises when buying and selling online is regarding the safety of payments. Since, you are dealing with an unknown person and that too through an indirect source the chances of fraudulence increase furthermore. Therefore, having a safe and secure payment mechanism becomes indispensable. One of the most popular website among the classified advertisement websites is Craigslist. Sellers and buyers find dealing on the website equally lucrative as their different requirements can be met under a single roof.

If you are wondering is selling on craigslist safe then the answer is yes if you do so through a reliable payment company. You can buy online safely and also sell on craigslist with guaranteed safety of your payment through the reputed money transfer companies. Acting as acquirers, these websites perform payment processing for online vendors. All money transfers are carried out through them and therefore, you do not have to worry about the safety of your money as a buyer and of non-payments as a seller.

The transactions are processed in a short period of time and the buyers get the opportunity to return wrong products within a stipulated period of time. The vendors can list, share, sell, ship and get paid all in one place. Most of the websites today provide the provision of paying on delivery that is the time when you actually receive the delivery of the goods. A highly safe and secure website for making online payments is The website provides an easy source to list on craigslist and buy safely from classified sites. Without any listing fee and final value fees, acts as a perfect PayPal alternative. You can know more about the website at So, explore the world of e-commerce without worrying about the safety of payments with a trustworthy money transfer company.