Taiyuan city by the convention and exhibition industry association, Beijing exhibition co., LTD. Cooperates ownundertaking “taiyuan fashion jewelry wholesale luxury collection superiority and tea abundantmeeting” will be held on November 8 to 12 in China coal museum held for five days.

It is understood that the expo will have nearly collectors present a treasure shanxi, and set up jewelry, violet arenaceous, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, annatto furniture and so on six exhibit, nearly 300 booths, the exhibition area of 8000 square meters, of which the largest pavilion Taiwan top class gem, more than 30 Taiwan enterprise composed of Taiwan pavilion will be the highlight of the exposition.

Many window, “hunan red painter” king north-south and her daughter’s scene painting “HuangYang defensive war” is very worthy of attention. Earlier, his works have been at the China art exposition, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Italy, etc and display collections. To celebrate the party’s eighteen big is held ceremoniously, the king north-south brothers and father together create a series of red works.

In addition, the democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the first au ho-nien to taiyuan exhibition; Legend qi baishi, national 1st class painter WangYan party the amplitude of calligraphy and painting, henan jun porcelain, fujian shoushan stone exhibition, guizhou old silversmith MiaoXiu silver also wonderful appearance. During the exhibition, the general public can also taste the free China at the scene