Every time he always can’t help set up secretly see her one eye. Her face powder was flagging bead string covered, so that he could not see the expression on her face. Only that one special wide four square face and a mouth prominent teeth in his eyes shaking. Only a few short glance. She was separated with him. He still place oneself in noisy royal among the guest. Although he with they together laugh, but his heart is not always on a person’s body. He read ZhengGuGu master one eye, then for more than our worry and rough. His heart was very uncomfortable. In this people quietly, he even a can understand him, and listen to him to two other true words also can not find. Sleep people although also to ZhouGuLai, but the young man after GuoLi will find an excuse go. Sleep new so more feel lonely.

In the evening in the table HuaQuan guests drink very enthusiastically, and I new also follow they drink. Him a glass of drink down, don’t know temperance. He was only sleep drink a great time, later mat final guest have dispersed after, he didn’t feel can’t stay up, hurriedly take leave home. He returned to the house, just entered the room could sit down, big mouth vomit, vomitted 1 ground. Under what serve him sleep, and gave him vomit dirty things also swept clean.

Sleep new fan fan deep sleep for a night and the next day he can’t get up. He was worried . Zhou was worried and hurriedly sent for the doctor to show him bo he took medicine, sleep more than ten genius gradually better. In his illness weeks old lady, ZhouBoTao couple came to see him, and they all think that he is happy to our labor excessive and sick, so he said big apology, and sometimes sent some diet to. This mv also came. She came, or harp come, are made by accomplishment Britain, China and accomplishment accomplishment character three sisters in sleep with new room chat. This mv don’t know sleep new worry, she still to feel the new talk about some things about our. He from the mv mouth just briefly know in our beep life situation. Chastity saw severe and harsh; Husband fantast, don’t know consideration. Once zi hui as the body not comfortable, didn’t go out to eat with chastity saw, then be mother-in-law lesson a meal. Zi hui spirit back to room crying along while, her husband not only to comfort her, but blame her so cheap. This is followed zi hui dowry past Yang sister-in-law back said. This mv indignantly retails the Yang under it, she side complain about her uncle, a spirit trickle tears. The U.K. and accomplishment accomplishment in China for our angry. But they are only words their aggression, not be able to do any real things to deduction our pain. Sleep new lying in bed. He did not speak for long, however, he put their talk all listen carefully to go in. He painfully thinking for a long time. He now began to doubt up: he was whether only that one way. He felt that his past behavior was wrong. He then this can take another action, even failure, which contributed to the destruction of the two lives. And now both the trap the deeply fall in the mud inside, in perish before had to endure all sorts of embarrassment torture. This is all his mistakes. This mv said that just like in the inscription of the charge against him read, every word play in his heart, so that his heart up vibration. As if a bomb something like will soon on his chest in explosion. But he tried hard to endure not let out a moan let others heard. Therefore his secret never be known MBT Fanaka Sale.

Zi hui from art mouth get sleep new get sick of news. She was very anxious, but on the surface is still pretend like calm. She can’t see to withdraw gaos thought a new awareness, and then they sent Yang sister-in-law to exploratory bo Yang sister-in-law also brought some zi hui to accomplishment Britain, China and accomplishment accomplishment character three sisters gifts; Another pen and ink, paper, bookmarks, etc., are sent to sleep new and awareness of the people. Then sleep new has can get out of bed. He lay in bed a cane chair, Yang sister-in-law called, pour to her the news of our nose. Yang began unequal once opened, will not easily accept often sleep new if she said very detailed. Yang provides much more than this mv said. She put her indignation full spit it out. She even with some you’re welcome words describe zi hui’s chastity saw and her husband. He heard those words , felt very happy, but more to listen to go down, and his heart was because depression and despair and ache all over.

“This oddball all my life I’ve not seen. We master’s blind eyes, can take a fancy to such children. We master really cruel, extortionary promote the take a flower into the sludge is. Even I also QiBuGuo. Not for big miss, I go home early not done. Which happy to wait on that kind of person.” Yang sister-in-law standing in front of the new sense the said gas, then could not help but said one’s teeth.

Sleep new suddenly changed complexion, stretched out his hand from the table to send our bookmark hold it in hand. He is a vague answer under Yang, a sign reading. That is our handmade, in white silk backing top painting with a plug in the candlestick of red candle, candlestick has fallen on a beach candle oil, next to the problem a poem: “ended.candles burn.” Sleep new field hair see such lines, in the mind very excited. He secretly watched Yang provides one eye, Yang sister-in-law face has not changed. He buried his head to see his bookmark. If he were to pass to read aloud a way: silkworm to the dead silk side do, ended.candles burn .

He remembered the Yang sister-in-law previously said: “the big young lady hear gentleman ill, very anxious. The young lady say gentleman is for her wedding busy out of disease, so she was very upset. She can’t wait to come and see the eldest son himself. But gu childe fantast, even the big miss home he is not happy. Big a young lady and not quarrel with him.

Gentleman, you know, miss have good temperament, he always lets a person, they do without him, so called me over to the eldest son send greeting, ask the gentleman how sick body. ”

And: “miss big by the gas, silent, meet the head no one, she secretly crying, I came across two times, I advise her, she said:” I did live near, get cry tears dry, good early death. ‘gentleman, you think I’m going to say something?”

Sleep new at this time was a strong remorseful feelings down. He knows his own he made a big mistake. We can say is he the indirect harm. He has forfeited the few person’s happiness. These people are what he think the most dear, are now were banished to another world, and every time is by him to do an accomplice.

Zi hui should be the midst of the people of the last one. In this years he received a variety of blow on, added the last heavy blow. This seems to be on his crime punishment had done. Now everything is trapped in irreversible situation, the severe law is not permissible penitential. He had been false to the love of thoughts, one false move, he was forced to go wrong step, waiting to go to the edge of the cliff, looking back, posterior into a wilderness white. Although he saw her mistake, also had to diving into the bottomless pit to. “ZuoYi doctrine” and “passivity doctrine” is not to save his. He knows it is very sure of. When he never to his precious all for sacrifice, nor can change the outcome. His fate is not complain. But for the WenShu girl also get the same fate, but he was rough, sorry and saddened. He took the bookmark in despair with a sigh, the tears from her eyes burst out.

Accomplishment British also heard Yang sister-in-law’s report. This made her heart also up a severe shock. At first she did feel terror, as if to see that fate is in front of her waiting for her. But then she made the decision: she never go our way. In fact she had had such a decision. Jean is she the decision sponsors. Although they have not agreed a definite plan detailed. But the only way she has known clearly . The road is sleep hui refers to give her, and with his own experience of guaranteed. Natural sometimes she is not a little pause. But see our experience, she is not able to have the doubts. She put all hope in that way. She spoke about her future will no longer pessimistic. Her pain is from others’ sympathy. So she is concerned about the XiangYang sister-in-law issued some question, also very attentively listen to Yang sister-in-law answer. But her attitude is steady, she didn’t say angry words. But not accomplishment China. She get angry to complain ZhouBoTao, she also follow Yang sister-in-law scold zi hui husband. She even gas have to take a look on pins and needles. Sitting beside the accomplishment character accomplishment. She seldom opening speech, just cowardly to listening to people talk, from time to time, raised her head to watch others face.

Accomplishment English heard sleep new read poetry, we have heard his voice came. Her enraged to turn at him and saw him with a bookmark in the shed tears. She feel strange at first, but then I understood. She was more sad. She stood up and hand to the gentle voice said to him: “eldest brother, let me see,” came out of his hand took the bookmarks, she is buried his head to see that a line of beautiful writing accomplishment China also walked to come over, head out the accomplishment knead in the hand bookmark look at, like himself, said: “what does this mean?… I don’t understand.” Sleep new and accomplishment British not answer her. Yang sister-in-law not understand the meaning of accomplishment China, but then explained: “this is a big miss home-cooked . She do to yourself, your picture.

But master gu at home when she dare not do these things. Once she is doing, to master gu saw this, they take it away. Miss big freak, say two or three words, master gu will temper, a young lady and dare not quarrel with his head had to cry… “” two younger sister, you take out a Yang sister-in-law”??