The working principle and structure of roller crusher: the series of roller crusher is mainly comprised of roller, roller support bearing, compression and adjusting device and driving device and other components. There is a wedge-shaped or gasket driving device between the two rollers and it is equipped with adjustment bolt at the top of the sedge-shaped device. when the adjustment bolt pulls up the wedge block, the wedge block makes the movable roller separate from the fixed wheel, namely, the gap between the two rollers become larger and the discharge size is larger. When the wedge block moves down, under the role of the compression spring, the gap between the two rollers becomes smaller and the discharge size is smaller. The gaskets device is adjusted by changing the quantity or thickness of the gasket to adjust the material particle size. When increasing the gasket, the gap between the two rollers is larger; when decreasing the gasket, the gap between the two rollers is smaller.
When processing the materials containing large pieces, the operator should pay more attention to that the large pieces of ores are easily to be squeezed out from the broken space to prevent the injury or damage to equipment.
To strengthen the iron removal. If the non-broken materials fall into the roll crusher, it will cause damage to the crusher, resulting in parking accident. So the device of iron removal should be installed.
The viscous materials prone to clog the crushing space. When dealing with the the clogging fault, the operator should stop the roller crusher for the treatment. It is not allowed to repair when the roll crusher is in operation.
To strengthen the inspection of the equipment. The fuel for the lubricating parts of the equipment should be timely to keep equipment well lubricated.