But now the child brought him??????? His own son do his most hated those nasty things! And give him a shen embarrassment insult. His hopes were dashed to the ground. In the present in the dark he saw a pair of take revenge of laughed at small eyes. The eyes of more and more close, and hurt his face (his face up JuLuan) and his heart. He can’t stand down, he felt sputum rushing up. Accomplishment of China the last few words gradually dim, he only listen to into continued a few words, and did not catch their significance. In fact he also don’t have to know their meaning, he has to understand all. Now he began to see the truth of the matter, he despair, he grief and indignation. But he never saw his own mistake. He thought it was bad luck: he did it himself half man of integrity, but get the result.

Accomplishment China with these words, KeMing don’t scold sleep British, but only to him panting, eye to the turn, turn green. Feel the fear up. He didn’t know his father will have what kind of action, but he understand this behavior must be terrible. When his clever and cunning completely lost. He stood there at a loss and body trembled slightly. Sleep group stood on one side, also lost his usual jaunty and naughty.

In this room besides shen (she is always secretly pleased to “enjoy” the KeMing pain and anger) and cymbidium outside, everyone else silently with a heavy heart waiting for KeMing open. Accomplishment of China mood is more complex, she is in the KeMing pain feel retaliatory meet (her cousin to accomplishment of the special resentment KeMing), but the prematurely senile uncle poor state and caused her compassion.

“Three master, what’s the matter with you?” Zhang ziping saw KeMing gasped for air and glaring eyes looking at the sleep British don’t talk, a little scared up, asked anxiously.

“I want to kill him, and I will kill him!” KeMing gnash teeth in hatred to say to myself. He raised his head and looked around, and saw cui ring, and severely ordered, “cui ring, you go to the board for.”

Cui ring promised to a sound, but not a mobile steps. She looked at zhang ziping, can’t decide whether I should go to the ferula fetch.

KeMing see jade ring does not walk, will fulminating way: “you are not to go! Do you want to take a beating? Hurry up to bring me!”

Cui ring dare not to hesitate, promised to a sound and walked away.

“I was so mad!” KeMing like to say. He take a few deep breaths, glaring eyes stare at all before the English. He saw sleep British shy tremulous appearance, but also on the gas and gas, then spent the harsh voice way: “you this beast! I thought you well in the study that reading, I thought you reading a progress, which know that you play truant out dry this dirty things! You not obedient, don’t you learn it well, you don’t want to read, what would you do? You want to rebel! I see you like this I angry. Today I want to kill you! I will kill you this unworthy thing!” He is called the gas, and then he felt head is about to burst open. He caught a glimpse of a curtain, cui ring with ferula came in. He called out the sentence “unworthy things”, immediately stand up and say: “give me!” He reached out to pick up ferula.

Feel English immediately robot winter 1, automatically kneeling in front of KeMing, cried and cried out to a way: “dad, don’t hit me, the next time I dare not.”

“For the thing! Play didn’t hit will cry!” KeMing disdainfully scold a way. He took the ferula, also do not go to pick fixed place, with went to sleep the body to play. Feel English quickly, hurriedly head one sided, ferula is hit him in the arm on. He is like a slaughter pigs like cried loudly. KeMing heard him cry loudly, not only does not stop, but more forcibly lay a ferula to.

Sleep people in the doorway frighten didn’t look at the bottom go to, a sigh of relief rushed out. Yuen nurse in the GuiTang behind the embankment reached him.

Zhang ziping QiMen heart a little, and she worried about KeMing health, more unhappy shen to give them trouble. She saw KeMing in succession the ferula play in the sense of the body, a little love dearly, but they dare not discouraged. She saw the shen seems to satisfiedly sitting there, the more feel unhappy, then to shen said: “five younger brother and sister, you go back, please. Three elder brother has played four baby. The four child suffer through this play’s later can’t do that sort of thing. You can stay assured. You sit the along while, you should also tired.”

Shen thought on think, face a false smile. She said: “all right, three sister-in-law MBT Women’s Katika, sorry, noisy you a morning. But old four also really make too BuChengHua, the more play him several meal, or a little better. I think later should be well teach him. If not to teach tube, after an accident and too late. Just like last year two girl things like that.”

KeMing stop boards, extremely angry to see the shen one eye. She said about accomplishment English words hurt him. He almost noise scold up, but words to his lips, and he fought. He felt a number of acupuncture into his heart, he had to bite his teeth refrain from pain. He just painfully grunted, fall in the sofa back of a chair.

“Five sibling, thank you for this” kindness. But we mansion so great, they children one day run east west run, we have to not place, will you cover for our discipline and discipline, “zhang ziping modesty seems to say.

“Ouch! Three sister-in-law, you’re very easy! He such a temper, I how pipe got? He doesn’t make to my house, and even my luck,” shen deliberately scoffs laughed. She said to him, and immediately took the smile, stood up, and commanded chunlan way: “chunlan, come with me.”

See zhang shen turned to go out, and revenge thing behind ask: “five sibling, you today less than you four sister-in-law there?

Shen heard these words, he stood still looked back and saw zhang ziping one eye. She saw zhang ziping like smile like anger look, know words in a sting. Her eyes to find sleep group. The children sleep in the crying sound sent out the first when it away, at that time and nobody noticed him, and now the room he has no trace. Shen was not to find four sister-in-law’s meaning, hesitated a moment, then make the appearance of the don’t care replied: “I am about to four sister-in-law there, what matter do you have?”

“I didn’t,” zhang ziping conceal ground replied. She hurriedly added, “you tell four sister-in-law , old four has beaten.”

“Good,” shen briefly should way. She no longer talk with zhang ziping, took chunlan to go outside.

Sleep the kneeling on the ground toot ground starts crying. KeMing sitting on the sofa, two eyes very anathematically staring at sleep British, left hand holding the ferula, loosely on sofa armrest. ZhangShiLi beside the sofa, the body next to the other side of the sofa armrest. Feel the new stand in front of bookshelf. Cui ring stand in the corner of close door. Accomplishment China was on the corner of the desk stood, she shen go in have no interest, then go out.

“Wipe so white, is really a face of treacherous court official phase,” zhang shen see figure disappeared later, after a while, like to scold a way in a low voice.

No one answer. The only sense the crying. A kind of embarrassed stuffy began to come down.

“Cui ring, you go to see Mrs., five is to four wife the house to?” Zhang ziping suddenly remind of this matter, hurriedly said cui ring road.

Cui ring promised to a sound, was about to go out. KeMing but not satisfactorily open stop way: ” ;three wife, you don’t want to leave her alone! She what mischief, by her to. In a word, four baby too not well, don’t give me for one breath.” He said here, anger and to rise, he gave the body from the back of the sofa, glaring eyes stare sleep British called to get up: “are you the beast not learn, dry out the disappointing thing! Give you please good sir, your day is not reading. Once upon a time, raise pigeons feeding goldfish, catch the cricket, now more make more BuChengHua. Did you want to learn you five dad example ?” He raised his ferula and in succession to sleep the head and body to play down.

Feel English cried loudly. Zhang ziping pleaded: “three tuan.” KeMing heard sleep the crying , zhang heard the cry, but it increased his anger. The more he forcibly lay a board to. He initiated to whole body heat. He forgot everything, he forgot knelt in front of him is what person. He only know one thing: to play. He felt he should wipe. He is afraid of people will stop him, he frenziedly said: “I want to kill him! I’ll kill him!” Sleep new saw KeMing is so disorderly hit, also sends out a cried out to stop song: “three dad! Three dad!”

KeMing still continue to dozen (ferula most of the fall in sleep British dress clothes body), sleep British the voice call dumb, but toot ground starts crying. Zhang ziping vexedly call get up: “eldest son, don’t you to advise three dad !” She said one side, side to drag KeMing hand.

Sleep new go in the past, to help zhang ziping dissuade KeMing. He doesn’t take said: “three dad, enough is enough. You have a rest, and let” one body in the middle of the father and son between them, to help zhang took KeMing’s arm.

KeMing struggling for a moment he gave in. He’s just by a stream of air in the action, then once broke, his breath also gradually vent out.