One country or one person cannot develop without innovative thinking. Only innovation can serve the entire industry and transports fresh blood for them, only innovation can also find problems in the process of continuous improvement, and improve technical standards and ultimately solve the problem. Mechanical equipment industry development levels reflect the level of industrial development of a place. Zhengzhou, as small commodity production manufacturing center, the development of mechanical industries is of great significance for the sustainable development of industrial transformation and upgrading, improving market competitiveness and enhancing capability. As a focus of machinery industry, heavy, large machinery more reflects a level of production and research capacity. Crusher is heavy, large industry, and market is segmented to this level, technological innovation of crusher will bring new opportunity to market, as fresh blood, you can activate the demand of the market as a whole.

Overall size of crushing machinery manufacturing industry in China has entered the list of international producers, but the overall competition and the development stamina is still unable to compete with the developed countries, the current domestic components for high-end users and the basic components of export products mainly rely on imports, with the increasing friction of export trade, it is bound to restrict foreign competitors and suppliers. The next revitalization development focus of crushing machine should be placed on the underlying technology and parts, improving the level of independent development. Famous Chinese Henan hongxing heavy industry produces crusher, sand making machine, milling machines, as well as gravel sand making production line equipment, and other large machinery and equipment.

Clear direction and innovation spirit is more precious. Innovation is essential for humans strive for survival, development psychology, and is the will basis for the nature reconstruction of human and the transformation and social.

Hongxing heavy industry science and technology has maintained a continuous input on research and development from absorbing into independent innovation of the current to the current further expansion of international markets, product development is gradually moving closer to the top crushing equipment companies in the world, this tide of innovation in machinery industry leads the rising of mining machinery.

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