You mention it. Let me go. “She was crowded to their front, a person go first up. Music and art relative a smile, it is no longer about, haggi walk first one step, jean took accomplishment character hand behind.

They took to DiaoTai, see sleep new and master pieces are against the near lake YaZi rail conversation. They also go in the past, stood in front of rail, overlook the scenery.

The top of the pagoda tree branches and leaves is cast over the shadow. The sun is covered to the branches and leaves. Like mirror lake cross in the audience. Underwater reveal a solemn and quiet day, the sky decorated with thick shadows of the trees. The other side as if is full of lush green trees, housing and rockeries are all hidden in the leaves quietly.

Six generations of luxury spring go also

No more news…

The float up from the familiar song. All eyes hurriedly follow singing chase them down.

Empty look sad mountains and rivers shape victory

They saw people sleep a person standing on the edge of the lake on the head ShiJi sing.

Has not ChouXi…

This is the voice of accomplishment China, she followed sleep people sings the jinling meditate on the past “. Sleep new also then sing on.

YuShiQin also to sing up. Art accomplishment, character and master pieces of three people listens quietly. Cui ring and QiXia made in the locust tree the speech in a low voice.

Accomplishment China to sing the song, shouted to the call way:

“SEC. Bro, come on, you a person standing at the bottom to do?”

Sleep people turn up body beginning see above. Those kind face great mismanagement in the YaZi railing, they smile in call him, he put down his unsolved problem (he often indulge in the thinking, where he was trying to find the way to solve other people’s problems, trying to keep the peace, whistling, along the ShiJi threw away DiaoTai.

“Two elder brother, you’re the one below do? Why don’t you come with us?” Accomplishment China saw sense people walked beside her, then make asked.

“What for? I am in singing, you are not also follow me singing?” Sleep people answered falteringly.

“Singing why a person in the following singing?” Accomplishment China refused to relax in the questions.

“Three younger sister, you’re not the judge, so don’t bother. I below many stood for a while to see scene,” sleep people laughing rebutted way.

“I see you today seems to have the concern,” accomplishment CDG.

“Three cousin, we are singing, and let” chimes in music.

Turning to see the accomplishment China harp one eye, smiled.

“Have worry?” Sleep people said in surprise, he cried smiled. He implied that ground to say: “I will not hide what worries, my things always have a way.”

“You say is I can’t? I don’t believe it!” Accomplishment China proudly replied.

So have made sense people happy, he satisfied and said, “is to such ability can. One should believe yourself. But not too proud.”

“You see, the second cousin with three younger sisters snacks are fun ,” art MinZui say with smile, she used envy eyes look at them.

Sophora japonica sounded on the melodious bird sounds. A cold wind blows, and the branches of the shadow disturbed 2NE1 JS wings, a few beautiful birds fly, fly two or three turns, and flying into dense branches and leaves of the intermittent.

“Three cousin, you listen to the birds are singing. We also sing me,” jean again accomplishment of China said.

“Piano, elder sister, you listen to two elder brother principles! Today I lucked out, and one more sir,” accomplishment China busily laughing, pull the harp hand said.

“Stupid girl, what funny!” Sleep people see accomplishment China bending with laugh, stretched out his hand over her head gently knock once, blame way. He said: “now I no longer talk with you, I have to sing.”

“Piano, elder sister, good, we sing songs? What YueWuMu sing the floatingfern” good?” China said accomplishment. She was looking at art said: “this mv cousin, you also to sing, we haven’t heard you sing.

“I really can’t sing, I had not learned; you sing me,” mv slightly red in the face said modestly, she at home never opportunity to learn singing, and even the others sing also can’t hear. Only in she followed home returned to the provincial capital later, her grandmother DuQu the parade of the blind man calls into the mansion to sing a few times ditty.

“Then you followed us sing, and let you slowly son will learn,” accomplishment China encouragingly said. She was about to speak, suddenly turned to sleep opinions: “eldest brother, don’t you? You sing with pieces of cousin spoke so long, how many words also speak not over?”

Sleep new and master pieces of two people are against the railing, low voice in speech, they told this for a long time. Sleep new heard accomplishment China calls him, hurriedly return overdo replied: “pieces of cousin rare, I accompanied him to speak a few words. Three younger sister, you sing, and let us hear it is.”

“Three cousin, let the big cousin them to talk all right,” jean joint mouth and say, “I’ll sing” bristle with anger “……”

So sleep accomplishment and China chorus sing up . Then accomplishment character also to low. Life is full of young song in the air machine. It is not resist to rush into everyone’s heart, it inspired their enthusiasm, it fans a flourishing their desire. It put them (even, singing! Heart with rising, from DiaoTai rise and fly high, fly to far place, a dream-world place.

Stay up from the old mountains and rivers

In TianJue.

The floatingfern “sing good later, and they sang familiar happy” happy effect “.

Sleep new and pieces of childe unconsciously stopped talking, two people begging looked at below lucidness lake, as if in there is a they longed for a long time the state of the slim. Their hearts are singing load to go there.

But singing stopped. Accomplishment China first clap laughed, sleep people, music, art is jubilantly smile. Cui ring and QiXia two people had been singing lead to their side, at this time also speak to maintain the.

Is this a realistic world. Sleep new and master pieces of broken dreams. Sleep XinWang lookout accomplishment China carpeted with laughing round face, he again look back off at pieces of have no color face. His grief and indignation voice said: “pieces of cousin, you see them happy. You and I fell in the same in bad luck. I also can say is worth. You’re too young. Why do you also should such a fiddle with?”

“I see this condition is life. What are in control of our own destiny. Dad have not without his difficulties. Daddy although stubborn, he always did for me son’s sake. Only I blame myself f thin. If I don’t often get sick

, dad would probably call me to your home to take hall,” from 17 years old young mouth spit it out these weak words. He passively endured a stubborn people’s self-will, all on the fate, not a little accountability gently lost his future. From the ravaged years of young heart born out of a little rebellious thought, this makes no claim against activists for all new also slightly feel bad. Already talked about the von’s marriage , when and to stab sleep new heart. And is not this not promising young man’s happiness or bad luck cause his overly concerned about, is to another man’s miss around his mind. He suddenly remember one word: “he a person is very poor, please take care of care of him.” This is already a year ago sound. The speaker coffin also in that shabby temple, built on the cover thick dust. But the gentle, more than any strings can send still more gentle voice still in his ear floating. Now the fact proved that he even her this small request cannot satisfy the. He helplessly took her to into the coffin, but now I was forced to see her brother go she pass through the road. “Zi hui, you forgive me,” he prayed in the heart. Eye bag a orbital tears. Master pieces looked at him in surprise, don’t know him for anything tear drop.

“Pieces of cousin, are you really willing to? Next week will make up,” sleep new suddenly asked pain.

Master pieces of dementia at lookout sleep new, his face and no special expression . He seems to have no pain. He buried his head gently replied: “since dad wants me to like this, I also don’t want to defy his meaning. He is big, learning deep, may not be wrong. I think my body later would be a little bit better,” these words mingled in the accomplishment of the China song, how is weak.

Sleep new courage immediately disappears. The answer seems to be he don’t want to listen to, and seems to be his willing to hear. He did not wish to pieces say such things, and his heart in the resistance. He still feel sorry the death of our. But heard the rocket did answer, he thinks this is a pleases, he disclaim all responsibility, and now also does not have the aid of MEDALS necessary. These two men when they negotiations have become nonsense.