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Shock sh & # 232 before; Out of the white bone, is that a dead bones FaShen wreckage.

Space current central, imposing fuzzy form hey hey laugh wildly, “wave ten-day, you another dead bones FaShen, has been I imprisoned in space, no foreign by your call.” So say, that figure with pull, abruptly vanity aperture will crack, pledge to get out.

YangGuZhi Lord, YangQing emperor!

The famous endless sea years of top the strong, within the demon chastened, now suddenly MaoTou, a dead will wave two more bones FaShen ten-day uniform.

As if a tacit understanding, in YangQing emperor from vanity in aperture the moment of the drill out, CaoQiu way out again.

“XiuXiu whew!”

Amethyst sword materialized forth, shock sh & # 232; Numberless purple s & # 232; Sunlight, such as light curtains, will wave ten-day over the whole body.

Anger l & # 224; Ng, corpse at king ignore have also moves, hard to attack wave ten-day.

From the it gap is now out of the space YangQing emperor, without hesitation, directly add to the war.

YangQing emperor badge, not GuBo ten-day concentration of the layers of magic wall out defense, a devastating rampage, crushing numerous defense magic wall all the way to the ten-day ontology wave front, rear its head is one punch.

A stream of containing the crushing of the strength of the boxing creatures consciousness, heavy bossy and blockade emptyShizi can’t any distraction, absorbed in a guard against the around, afraid to CaoQiu way suddenly moves.

No shadow word of operations, if not in CaoQiu way out of that for an instant has induction, be he poacher, he is already dead.

CaoQiu way though seemingly target to aim to wave, but all people guess not monster beats out of his x & # 236; Ng case, don’t know he will hit a cover, but want to kill a strike took the opportunity to attack albitite.

And TangYuanNa two people on god, a left a right, RACES et in side, silence waiting.

Wave ten-day also been tense, in anger l & # 224; Ng and two corpse under the king’s repertoire, the at a disadvantage, if CaoQiu way suddenly moves, he will even immediately injured.

Red yan be war magic caught, at that time since gu and pure, difficult to lend a helping hand to the wave of ten-day.


From the east emitted a white luster, a dead bones of some skeleton to extreme fly.

Wave of FaShen ten-day bones!

Received the call of the ten-day wave, the bones in time from a FaShen finally photo island fly, to help him cope with this difficult situation.

There were three ten-day wave with FaShen bones, each with FaShen bones with debates of the method is a refined, with the wave of ten-day problem, and some peculiar means.

That year the summer off to endless xiao, is a wave with FaShen ten-day bones carry abruptly lived, was dragged into the demon.

That year of terror scene, so far all fresh albitite.

At that time, in his eyes, FaShen bones is the world most terrible exists, with hard to imagine the power of the blockbuster, even the barrier can pass directly to tear, and like god general terrorist.

At that time he can’t imagine the power of the ten-day wave, summer heart shes once said wave is the most powerful magic ten-day, mana tong xuan.

In that moment, he once reveals the strong fighting spirit, dream of one day can and wave ten-day ji ? o war, can truly hale stand to wave before last.

Today, he did it!


In the purple s & # 232; The smoke of the hidden amethyst sword, at this moment, finally wild sh & # 232; And out.

At the same time, a ZhanLiang light suddenly in the bones FaShen side with a detection.

He detected in that moment, wave the ten-day with FaShen bones, such as the most sharp weapons to ruthlessly poked it, it FaShen bones and lu skeleton & # 224; N fibrillation, like to spread.

CaoQiu word detection!

Amethyst sword to return to his palm, countless glittering and translucent light fly xuan the sword, like thousands WanZi s & # 232; GuangZhen, the dense rain that a general with FaShen bones to earth.

Bones on a method in a dazzling gloss, spurs people living a faint eyes, the sound of waves of firecrackers, from the earthquake d & # 224; Ng out and let the water of the sea island, around are boiling uneasy.