1, before you take photos do homework

Can from newspapers, network access to the studio of the latest promotional information, these places usually release is cheaper set of system, is take out their advertising set of system so profit not very high. Decided to this set of system, you must have mental preparation, not to be too high. But often you into the studio after, staff will convince you name the other set of system. If the determined set this, then do not changed.

2, cheep wedding dresses

Clear choose clothes site, called the option is including VIP, if it is, in the order specified on the best order to see it with your own eyes, then let the young lady indicate once, lest there be any misunderstanding, or filming, clothes choice is a big trouble, perhaps and to add money.

3, see photo album

Don’t think that is 18 inches, 12 inches photo album, in fact very different, in the front cover of the cortex have good bad points, the inside pages also have good bad points. Then see is positive picture book in leaching of desert, or general manual volume, drench desert book is by machine view picture pressure up, the quality is better, the manual book, just as its name implies is artificial, quality cans be imagined.

4, enlarge the texture of the picture

Amplification is crystal or painting, must ask clear, in addition is distribution box, some play word games, say to send many amplification photos, in fact, not even the box, to the last frame to buy themselves.

5, look into the book number of sheets

General staff the hands of authority is more send about 4 photo into the book, so at this time, must try to photos, let staff and the manager to fight for more into the book, this will save you later cost.

6, ampoules

If you want to take ampoules, best order ask can use, if can use will indicate the cabin ampoules and so on words.