Mining machinery occupies an important position and has key function in the construction of economic, scientific and technological progress and social development; it belongs to pillar industry of the national economy. Mining equipment manufacturing industry is the basis for country’s establishment an independent industrial system, as well as an important symbol of the country’s industrial strength. According to the policy that nation supports the basic industry such as energy, traffic and raw materials, mine machinery, as the pillar of these basic industries, should be further developed and improved, and provide more crusher, mill and sand maker equipment with international advanced level of quality for coal, metal and non-metallic mine, which can meet the needs of national economy development for energy and raw materials.
Mining machinery includes a variety of mineral processing equipment, such as crusher, sand maker, milling machine, in economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development occupy a very important position, it belongs to the pillar industry of the national economy. Technology of mining machinery and equipment capacity are important sign for measuring a country’s industrial strength.
Mining machinery mainly services for energy, transportation and raw materials industries sector, the main task is the coal mining and deep processing of coal, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, building materials, and nuclear industry sectors, and provides advanced and efficient technological equipment for the construction of major projects such as railways, roads, electricity and water. Mining machinery is a industry has a variety of equipment and complex device structure, the large demand and extensive use.
Under the integration support of computer technology, network technology and multidisciplinary, mine machinery oriented to economic construction. Driven by demand of market, in the harmonious development of human and nature, mining machinery have been developing towards digitization , intelligent, ecological direction.
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