In recent years, among many mining machinery products, Crusher became one of the fastest-growing varieties, domestic large and small mining machinery manufacturers regard crusher as a breakthrough, and pay more attention on investment, research and development, and eventually enter the area of crusher, and expect earn some money from the fast-growing market share.
At this point, the national development and Reform Commission published the full text “plan for Promote the rise of the central region’’, by 2015, central region should achieve the goal that economy proportion in national economic output increases than last year, GDP per capita strive to reach the national average, the urbanization rate gets to the target of 48%.
Currently, the urbanization level in the central region is still relatively low, to achieve the 48% rate of urbanization, it means real estate and infrastructure must speed up the pace of urbanization. Speeding up urbanization will pull the process of industrialization in Central region, as an important infrastructure of aggregate processing equipment-crushers will directly benefit from this.
According to statistics, at present, the level of urbanization is only 40.3% in the Middle area, if you want to reach the level of urbanization in 2015. The demand for housing, traffic and comprehensive infrastructure will grow up, which will directly increase the demand for aggregate, constitute a long-term positive benefits for crushing equipment demand.
Under the current economic circumstances of rapid development, in the process of urbanization and industrialization in China, our nation invests more in infrastructure such as road, railway, water conservancy, which will inevitably lead to strong rigid demand for crusher, and will further promote the sales growth of crushing equipment.
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