A the Bass family Gongwei Battle, eventually thinning is not between pro and also biological son again bad the small Bath succeeded in blocking the return of Phil Jackson, shifted the pressure of public opinion, to stabilize the throne. This is the small Bath demands just to prevent the Zen master restoration. Then to here, has some funny, so that hundreds of millions of Lake fans distraught. Outside the Zen master, regardless of who is going to all this Gongwei Battle lucky. Ultimately, D’Antoni to stand out in a public candidates. “Why,” lamented a glimpse here taste even without dogs fight, play off “to describe the results, but also from the D’Antoni. Of course, the sake of discussion, the other outside the Zen master candidates, D’Antoni is indeed relative evaluation higher is more suitable for the Lakers.
The first good, the asking price is not high, little ambition. D’Antoni eventually signed a three-year, $ 12 million contract, Phil Jackson was the equivalent of a year’s wages. He is not like a Zen master, has been implicated in the interior of the Lakers family, not involved in any internal struggle, purely spend money hired coach. After D’Antoni person who is not employed may become small Bath; second is good, is not strong personality and good karma. D’Antoni good at getting along and players, he is often on the offensive to the athletes a lot of freedom, and easy access to the support of the athletes. He is a former Suns coach, and Nash’s feelings of harmony, as the U.S. national team assistant, D’Antoni and Bryant, Howard also has experience of working with easy access to the identity of the athletes; Third good nod Bryant everything would. Whoever did the Lakers coach, had to let Bryant unconvinced. If Bryant is willing to play for him, the others are not a problem. A young age with his father when Bryant went to Italy, once D’Antoni admirers. Bryant’s career initially chose jersey No. 8, is because this is the number of D’Antoni. Bryant also clearly told Bath, if Phil is not coming back, that he preferred D’Antoni. This is tantamount to Ke Biqin point the coach. Small Bath angle, listen to Bryant’s right. Calmly said, D’Antoni did the Lakers take a good, small Bath so account with dad old Bath: But Bryant to coach himself was not any responsibility.
jordans 2013 Rely on the D’Antoni simple system and this lineup, one can imagine, the Lakers will begin to enjoy the simple pleasures in the regular season. They have talent, they can score, that they can rely on the the small coordination between the personal ability and two or three people to win a lot of games, to ease the current situation of small Bath, win a good record in the regular season and position. As to make the playoffs, targeted significantly enhance the life and death race, the Lakers offensive will curb; Faced with the strong impact of the Thunder and Nuggets, the face of the sophistication of the Spurs, D’Antoni has always been criticized defense will no longer be a problem, to be honest, this is not a small Bath now consider the thing. That time, he has enough to cross to his father, safe location. So, why is D’Antoni? This story tells us that the son-in-law does not have the capability as well as his son; This story tells us, best not to soak the boss’s daughter; This story tells us, does not participate in the struggle sometimes inexplicable enrichment; This story also tells us that, although different languages, but human nature is the same, everyone has a Bureau of everyone living in someone else’s bureau.