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    High-speed rail construction has been the biggest goal of piling machinery demand market.At present, into the integration of domestic high-speed rail construction is from the period of rapid development, which will no doubt be a direct impact on the development of domestic Piling Machinery Industry.Faced with the rapid adjustment of the high-speed rail market, piling machinery will be how to achieve sustained and healthy development?Recently, on in BICES2011 show, the reporter interviewed Mr. Cheng Hua, Henan Xingbang heavy machine Xingbang heavy machinery, general manager of marketing.Learned from Henan Xingbang heavy machinery will be a rainy day alicey999 several years ago as the leader of China’s Piling Machinery, under the premise of the envy of almost half of the high-speed rail’s market share, vigorously develop new markets for pile driving machinery sound, sustainable development and lay a a solid foundation and opened up a new development model for the entire industry. ball mill:
ball mill:

   At present, high-speed rail pile foundation engineering in recent years, rotary drilling rig demand market.Henan Xingbang heavy machine occupies half of the share in the high-speed rail market, as early as three years ago, began to ponder such a question – how advanced construction technology applied to other building areas. .Since then, the Henan Xingbang weight Metallurgy Rotary Kiln gradually rotary drilling equipment diverted to the civil engineering market in China.In the high-speed rail market, Henan Xingbang product occupies 50% market Rotary driershare in the civil engineering field, the product accounted Energy-saving Ball Mill for Xingbang 90%.