Mineral processing equipment: development prospects of rotary kiln calcinations
Rotary kiln belongs to the open burning, kiln body structure is simple, smooth airflow, sulfur gas can be discharged in time, fuel sulfur content is not easily attached and contains low sculpture, it is in line with the steel-making requirements. While material in the kiln is evenly rolling forward, and were able to meet the production requirements at the same time and lower the fineness of coal powder as possible; To strengthen air mixed with coal in the calcinations process and avoid incomplete combustion of pulverized coal arising from too thick; If you use low volatile constituents of coal powder, because of their long burning time, so fire intensity is not centralized, but there is uniform heating, stable product quality, hygiene, a low burn rate. Under the same conditions, lime active degree produced by rotary kiln is higher  than gas-burning kiln, kiln hood configured for vertical cooler is not only for sudden cooling in hot lime, bur improving product activity, it is convenient to transportation and storage. Strict requirements for operation. Low lime saturation factor and low rates of aluminum in a rotary kiln raw meal and its sintering scope is quite narrow, and the volume of liquid phase are more, and large particles, the slightest mistake will lead to Balling.
So you should select two high and one of the ingredients as possible in production programmers, namely high KH, SM, medium IM, this clinker is easy to operate and clinker quality is relatively stable. While you can get higher kiln temperature of the second wind. When causing poor cutting, there will be greater volatility. In this case, it requires the operator to observe, adjust, and also have a certain degree of predictability. Judging by the current change according to some transportation equipment items. Responding to treatment measures in advance, it can effectively raise sintering temperature in kiln, and reduce fuel consumption, rotary kiln lime stable quality is its biggest advantage.
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