Jaw Crusher is ore crushing equipment for hard materials, it has the features of high crushing ratio, yield, even granularity, simple structure, easy maintenance, and low production costs. When working, dynamic jaw plates of Jaw Crusher directly contact with the material, and often bear larger loads. When materials are fed into the crusher, there are often a special and strong blocks of stone or iron, such as broken objects, if there is no appropriate insurance against this situation in a timely manner, but malformation of the hard materials in the crushing cavity are crushed or even impede the operation of the device, and resulting in downtime reviewing. If there is insurance provides guarantee for this scenario, which will significantly promote the active moderation of all brick machine equipment and production line.
When the Jaw Crusher’s crushing cavity is sent into unbroken materials (such as iron, steel balls, and so on), in order to protect the important parts of device, we treat back plate as a crusher insurance part.  Some back plate is cast by iron, open a Groove or a number of small holes in which to reduce the cross section strength; it can also be cast into two pieces, and then link up with screws, make up the Composite thrust sheet. But it cannot be broken when entering the crushing Chamber, equipment will happens overloaded picture, Grand thrust plates of crushing force to cause the thrust plate broken or composite thrust plate screw cutting, the work of machine will be over, it plays the role of insurance. This design principle is not only suitable and simple to hold, low costs for replacement insurance, operation easily, maintenance for the device as a whole against damage is also very good.
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