There are millions of people worldwide who smoke. Plus a good majority of these folks took up cigarette smoking when they were in their teens. Out of all of these people you will find that a lot of them want to stop, but at the same time these people don’t have the will power. And smoking cigarettes is so habit forming that it is actually impossible for many people to quit smoking with out some form of out side help. And so, the “Stop Smoking Today” system is what we’re going to be having a closer look at.

One of the best things about this method is that the success rate connected with quitters is 98%. You could be surprised to uncover that this success rate is much more than just about any other stop smoking method, including the patch and those other medicines. A test was initially performed on 5, 000 people and they all had a chance to use this program to quit smoking. After a months time they came to the realization that their program had a 99. 7% success rate to get people to stop smoking. Even though the percentage dropped a little at the 6 month mark, 97. 2% of them ended up still able to remain smoke free. In basic statistics, a total of about 4, 860 people were still smoke free and only 140 out of 5, 000 people went back to cigarette smoking. These types of numbers are a truly amazing percentage for a stop smoking percent rate.

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking you may have tried prescription medicine or gum or even the patch only to discover that these items didn’t help you quit. The largest issue with all these other methods is that they don’t stop the cravings. These kind of other methods people use may end up reducing your cravings a little bit, but it does not get rid of them. For this reason these sorts of products are just not that successful at getting people to quit smoking.

This program was made by Rob Mellor, who is a specialist in the NLP therapy. The program is only going to take you 38 minutes and 13 seconds to be able to kick the cigarette smoking habit. I am sure you realize that not everybody will be able to quit after using this program just once, so for a few people you may need to use this program daily until your smoking desires are gone. You have to recognize that not every person is the same and some individuals will obviously need more sessions than others.

Among the best things about this program is that you will not have to deal with many of the side effects that are connected with quiting smoking. A few of the normal unwanted effects for people who stop smoking are, weight gain, short tempers, depression symptoms and also mood swings. But when you use this system you won’t have to deal with any of those unwanted side effects.

This program itself is available as an instant download so you can begin using this program at the time you purchase it. Although the program costs $47 dollars, when you figure it out you will end up saving cash on the first carton of cigarettes you won’t have to buy. And if you’re pondering to yourself, what happens if I am within the 2% this doesn’t work for? Well, for you men and women you’ll find that there’s an absolutely no questions asked refund policy. Basically, if you find you don’t quit using this method you have 60 days for you to ask for a refund.

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