The coal ash belongs to the clayey active material. From the perspective of its chemical composition, it contains more active silica and active alumina, which can form the chemical reaction with calcium hydroxide respectively at room temperature to generate more stable hydrated calcium silicate and hydrated calcium alumina. From its mineral composition, it contains a large number of glass beads with smooth surface. These glass beads makes the fly ash has the excellent characteristics that other volcano ash materials do not have, which can improve the workability, make it easy to transport and the activity be fully tapped.
Because that the coal ash has these characteristics, it has been widely used in building materials industry, construction engineering, municipal engineering, road works, mine backfill, plastics industry and military industry. Fly ash also contains a certain amount of a metal such as iron, aluminum, titanium, vanadium, germanium, which can be recovered from the coal ash. The coal ash has fine particles and good porosity. It also contains the necessary nutritional elements that are conducive to the plant growth such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, boron, copper, manganese, calcium. Therefore, the coal ash has been used as a kind of resource. It has wide application range after the processing of some milling equipment (ball mill, Raymond mill and vertical mill).
The vertical type mill developed by the Hongxing Heavy Industry is suitable for the processing of the coal ash. It is featured with high grinding efficiency, low operating cost, easy and reliable operation and easy operation and maintenance. In addition, the vertical type mill has large drying capacity, wide grinding application, stable product quality and uniform particle gradation, environmental protection, low noise, less dust, clean operating environment and so on. It will be a better choice for the processing of coal ash.