Is your father! ”
County magistrate rage and fury commanded or so: “win him!”
Several ministers, timidly stepped forward, to escape in the carrier. In big slap a shake arms, gave their case to a part to go.

People confused about it. Someone grabbed clod, throwing the six TianZu girl.

High-density northeast township have folkway steeds, cattle county magistrate may had heard. He said: “today it is important for county, give you, put foot is the national public proclamation, dare to disobey person, will never get away with it!”

County magistrate drilling driving floor, shouted out loudly: “drive! Drive!”
The driver jumped into the driving before, into the iron crank, “HengChi HengChi” shook.
Bigfoot girls and county long platoons, helter skelter up the car.
The “a” sounded. The driver hop in and turn head. Car dragged the smoke run.
A little boy patting carrier said: “in big slap spirit, county magistrate saw are afraid of.”

That evening, blacksmith ShangGuanFuLu wife shangguan lushi, find the matchmaker mouth yuan, send her a horse small calico, Joe her to go to home for his only son what ShangGuanShouXi.

Yuen big stalk with flapping feet to big aunt said: “old sister-in-law, if not subscribe to qing dynasty, with an awl Nang my MAO I also fear to tread the threshold of the house you. Now is the territory of the republic of China, women don’t popular feet. Somebody else the leader’s son, accept a new thought, wearing the uniform, smoking roll , looking for big baseboard to the students, and can run, and jump, and will say, and laugh, around the bosom scream painly. Your niece, is the fall of the order of the phoenix as the chicken. The shangguan family don’t abandon, old elder brother’s wife, I see za this ShaoGaoXiang. That ShangGuanShouXi, has regular facial features, temper attentive Adidas Leopard. Home to raise a head of big ass a head of big mule, and open a blacksmith shop, although is not large, but is not a small family. One son to find such a personal home, is not wrong.”

Big aunt said: “I’m working out a empress flan, but marry a blacksmith son?!”
Yuen big mouth way: “DaSaoZi, you didn’t hear people say? Xuantong emperor, empress palace in Harbin to somebody else shoeshine! People shout, its circumstances alter cases, shout!”
Big aunt said: “you let the shangguan family’s to tell me!”

The next morning, the mother from shrinking see her future mother-in-law shangguan lushi tall strong body.

To saw, big aunt and shangguan lushi for the number of a dowry argue. Big aunt said: “you home to go to, or to the mule, or give two mu vegetable field, I kept her seventeen years, can’t white have!”

Shangguan lushi said: “well, calculate our house unlucky, the head black mule return to you. Your house, to accompany the car passed wooden wheel car.”

Two women took PaiBaZhang, reached an agreement. Big aunt shout: “one son, came out to meet you mother-in-law.”

LuXuan son and ShangGuanShouXi three years of marriage , belly haven’t bear children. Her mother-in-law make oblique accusations: “the light was feeding don’t lay waste, keep your stem what!”

Shangguan lushi under his arm a hot iron to a few old hen throw in the past. The hen thought to food, stretch mouth to peck, very hot mouth smoke.

LuXuan son in the pear tree next hit meat bones, red red white bones dreg, splashed her dress. Shangguan lushi life quickly , reluctant to cut meat, buy a few jins of bone, smashed, mixed radish package dumplings, celebrate April 8th of Chinese lunar day this is called the “reward with food and drink sickle” festival. The barley was playing, wheat has yellow mortise pin, farmers knife provender horse, ready to harvest. That spring the good crop weather, wheat grow well. The shangguan family blacksmith shop business is booming, YiBoBo farmers, have to buy the sickle, hold the broken sickle to overhaul steel added. Blacksmith furnace branch in the middle of the courtyard, above hold up a piece of cloth shade. Fire raging, the black soot very sweet. In incandescent sunshine fire young plant is dark red. ShangGuanFuLu palm forceps. ShangGuanShouXi bellow. Shangguan lushi, wearing a black front opening broken apiece, the waist is a piece of yellow, iron filings press the innumerable of black cloth, head buckle a bursting straw hat, walks with a sledge hammer. Her face a series of sweat a series of coal ash, if have no chest the two tank as milk, who will not see she is a woman. And ChuiSheng of, from early to late ring.

A blacksmith’s rules, two meal every day. Responsible for LuXuan son do meal, responsible for feed the animals, to feed the pigs. And in the iron in the sound, she also fuss around . Even if she fuss around, she still find fault with her. Shangguan lushi side sweat he flailed sledge, side strabism watched her daughter-in-law. Her mouth dudu murmur, the moment is not idle, scold enough daughter-in-law scold son, scold enough son scold her husband. We are accustomed to this bristle, in this family , lushi is true parents, it is the technical authority. LuXuan son to her mother-in-law hate and fear, but also have to admire. In the evening, watch shangguan lushi iron is the village a reserve program. Before and after the harvest, the shangguan family’s yard people come and go, in the evening, take new sickle and send the old sickle came. The sunset red, full tree sophora japonica as snow. The fire golden, coking coal delicious, iron to burn them thoroughly, and white and bright. The ShangGuanFuLu burn through ironwork clip out, on the anvil. He took a knife small that hammer, smugness with some. Shangguan lushi, a see white iron, like opium addict smoking just after foot, in good spirits, red face, eyes shining and went to his hand hoots few bites spittle, live ChanYouYou hold the hammer BaEr, leisurely up marcus, smashing in white iron, depressing voice, feeling like a hit in plasticine the same. Goo goo tattoo, the body marked ups and downs, gas cap mountains and rivers attitude, is power and the competition of iron and steel, women and men’s contest, the iron in her sledge hammer blow like noodles as changing, flat, thin, blue, pure, gradually formed. In her ging, farming people most eyes stare at her chest the milk, they’re, no rest for a moment.