Michael Kors bags Hermes handbags will take you into the childhood amusement park. Inspired the brand’s Jigé Clutch, issued a total of six contains all white with hand-painted style handbag while wandering in fashion, but also exudes a childlike innocence. Sense of the pattern of hand-painted, always gives a funky retro feel, especially in the Hermes big, some more unique flavor. Wristlet cute elephant, elephants to an elephant to you drops the nose why so long.
2013 spring makeup Lancome Lancome in LOVE series, continue by popular actress Emma Watson EmmaWatson, featuring endorsements Turkey’s green eyeliner and berry red lip color, the image of the figure is quite attractive but a little surge of happiness filled self style the feeling of the series theme more prominent.
Creative director Frida Giannini, Gucci (Gucci), especially the world’s top equestrian events sponsored Gucci Gucci Masters designed a bright and chic silk scarves. At the same time, this is also the brand of Hanover Princess advocate the protection of the rights and interests of children worldwide charitable organization AMADE strong support. The silk scarf size 90 cm x 90 cm, unique design, learn ancient Chi classic design iconic rosette pattern with another brand classic green red and green ribbon stripes interwoven. Rosette which one is cleverly integrated into the organization’s logo AMADE. Unique scarf excellence lies in its impeccable hand craftsmanship. The entire design using ink painting style, every detail through serigraphs are all hand-drawn and then to render; final, exquisite the Italian handicraft trim, so this section Silk Twill scarf perfect. As a tribute to the equestrian event, including this silk scarf will be for sale (price 280 in Europe), highlight the sincere mind and originality of the brand.