While video and audio are not a new comer to the marketing mix, the demand for clever and quality messages is increasing rapidly. Personally, I believe quality video and audio are an important section of keeping brand integrity.Here’s what I mean. As business owners we place plenty of time, thought and investigation into making our models. Some marketers own an individual brand, others a corporate brand and actually experienced marketers accept co- branding.To break it down more I will provide a layman’s definition of a brand.Brand: The overall impression and experience your customers receive from your business.This definition appears to demystify the idea of marketing for most people. In other words your brand is an extension of one’s company and your brand integrity is EVERYTHING you do to boost your customer’s experience.Brand integrity reaches your logo, advertising, content, web site, advertisements, social networking, shopping purchases, audio and yes, your videos.We have all seen arbitrary house videos with irregular messages, poor light, litter loaded backgrounds and more…You know very well what I’m talking about. And, while some of those videos could be building some results. What individuals aren’t saying (at least to see your face) is how the substandard productions are influencing company strength which really is a true disservice to your customers, your specific market, the author of the movie, your organization and your brand.I am not suggesting that videos and sound shouldn’t be used. I am just indicating that in the event that you will generate your brand with visual imagery it will really support your brand strength. Often that means investing in your brand by selecting video professionals or at the very least quality household video equipment (it doesn’t have to be very expensive but it does have to fully capture you in your absolute best light ).Incorporating video and audio in sales letters and other marketing materials creates a need for copywriting to support social network, internet marketing, radio, podcasting, tv and viral video efforts in ways that also preserves brand strength. So, when you’re exploring your video possibilities make sure you are paying just as much awareness of material as you are quality.It just makes sense that audio and video, when done right, results in increased income, supports brand devotion, forms stronger relationships and improves your brand status. What are you doing to boost yours?Take Action Challenge:Take supply of one’s company honesty currently. Ask yourself:?A Is anything I’m doing for my business increasing my customer’s experience??A Have I developed any marketing, marketing or promotional materials that bargain my brand integrity??A What a very important factor can I do today to boost or restore my brand ethics?

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