The reasons for the abnormal sound in the running of the bucket elevator mainly include the following situations: the base floor and bucket chain collide with each other and the operator should adjust the takeup of the base to tension the chain; the shaft key of the driving shaft and the driven shaft are loose to cause the sprocket displacement so that the chain collide with the main case. The operator should adjust the sprocket position and the key is installed tightly. Guide plates collide with bucket chain and the operator should trim the position of the guide plate. The bearing has a failure ad it cannot operate flexibly; the operator should replace the bearings. The material blocks or other foreign objects are blocked in the base; the operator should stop the bucket elevator to remove the materials.
The vibration of the motor base: the malrotation of the motor itself; the operator should remove the rotor and check the static equilibrium. The mounting accuracy of the reducer and motor is poor, the centring exceeds the specification; there is a necessary to re-adjust. The mounting accuracy of the motor base is not enough so that the horizontal exceeds the regulatory requirements; re-adjustment is necessary. The installation of the drive sprocket has error; there is a need to re-adjust. The tooth shape of the drive sprocket is poor and the tooth shape needs correction. The tightness of the drive sprocket is inappropriate, it should be re-adjusted.
The ash leakage: the sealing gasket is damaged; the operator should replace the new pad and coat with the sealant and re-tighten the flange bolts. The materials escape from the gap of nose and base; sealing gasket should be replaced and the sealant should be coated. The height difference of the material is too large, which increases the feeding pressure; there is the need to change the feeding methods of the materials or replace the buffering device.