1. Saving the power. Automated vertical dryer machine relies on the gravity of the material itself to drop for the drying process. It adopts the adjustable damping factor, which not only effectively controls the dust and avoids the wind tunnel, but also saves a large number of powers used for the rotation and environmental protection.
2. Having drying quality. Automated vertical dryer is based on the detection system of the material drying to control the variable speed system and the discharging system to achieve quality control and production coordination. It can also change the drying requirements at any time to effectively control the drying quality, thus rewriting the history that the instability of the initial moisture affects the drying quality. The initial moisture of the material can be adjusted and controlled at any time in the vertical dryer machine.
3. The adaptability. Automated vertical dryer machine adopts the automatic control of the switch system of temperature and humidity, which not only effectively control the drying quality, eliminate the blockage, but also significantly improve the adaptability of the equipment to a variety of materials with different water content.
4. The environmental protection. Vertical dryer machine adopts the adjustable damping factor to completely avoid the wind tunnel and dust. This machine is equipped with the dust collection and there is no additional environmental protection equipment, changing the situation of large investment in environmental protection and the high cost of running condition.

5. Equipment maintenance. Automated vertical dryer machine uses the entire automation system of heating, detection and control make the capacity and maintenance of the equipment more coordinated and simple. This will not only improve the operation rate, but also reduce the maintenance costs of the equipment.