With the continued strengthening of the engineering construction, the broken machinery industry showed a good momentum of development under the situation where the machinery industry as a whole is in the rising state. With the help of the great support in the high-end equipment and other emerging crusher machinery, the crusher machinery, as a focus area, will continue to show the rapid growth situation. According to the analysis, the main direction of future growth of the broken machinery (impact crushing machine, jaw breaker) is the product upgrade to occupy the market share as well as the new growth point created by the innovation and R & D of the new product.
Currently, the broken machinery industry will usher in development opportunities, which can be reflected in the following three aspects: first, the crushing machinery market has become the focus of attention of the international equipment manufacturers. Because the replacement and update of the broken machinery is fast, especially the service life of the small crusher. The annual replacement of domestic crusher is approximately 20% of the total demand of the crusher, providing a strong impetus for the rapid development of broken machinery; second, the construction of infrastructure has become one of the primary tasks at present and the infrastructure construction process will generate a lot of construction waste. The broken machinery will play a major role in the recycling process of construction waste; third, as the country continues to expand domestic demand and increase the pace of infrastructure construction, the demand for the crushing equipment will be stronger, which will flourish the crushing machinery industry.